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What Is Effexor Xr
What Is Effexor Xr

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The following Buy Effexor Xr abstract of a detailed history, generously
given us by Dr. Lefferts, affords a very striking example of
this disease in one of its multiple varieties : ^
"A. W., aged nineteen, suffering from obstruction of nasal
passages, associated with progressive deafness. Yoice changed ;
marked deficiency in the nasal sounds, the tones of m and n
resembling those of h and d. Rhinoscopic mirror exhibited,
as shown in the drawing, a most remarkable glandular hyper-
trophy of tlie adenoid tissues at the vault of the pharynx."
' 'i'hc accoini)anying drawing places us under additional obligation Cost Of Effexor Xr to
Dr. L'jfferts.
Treutnieiit lV>rf»Mir numtlis by all the means usually recuiii-
mended, without attaiiiinjj; any marked result.
Reduction of the mass finally by means of the ])Osterior
pharyn«Teal forceps, followed immediately by thorough cauter-
ization with solid nitrate of silver.
The aftection under consideration, fortunately not very
common with lis in Effexor Xr 37.5 Mg the United States (at least in its most
typical variety), a])pears to be frequently found in certain
countries of Europe, and especially is this true of Denmark,
where it has first been thoroughly descnbed by Meyer, of Co-
penhagen. He treats of the affection under the title of
''Adenoid Vegetations," using the term '' adenoid " on ac-
count of the very great resemblance which exists in point of
structure between these vegetations and that of lymphatic
glands. There is little Effexor Xr 75mg doubt, to-day, after the exhaustive re-
searches Effexor Xr 75 of Luschka into the normal histological structure of
the pharynx, that these so-called adenoid vegetations Effexor Xr 75 Mg are
formed essentially by an excessive development, or hyper-
trophy of the glandular tissue, which enters, for a large part, What Is Effexor Xr
into the normal structure of the posterior wall of the pharynx,
and more particularly of the fornix of this organ. These
vegetations are of varied consistence and configuration. Some-
times they are hard and resistent : more frequently they are
soft and vascular, giving rise to abundant haemorrhage after Venlafaxine Effexor Xr
rough contact of any sort ; or, again, after a paroxysm of cough-
ing or sneezing. They are flattened, hemisphencal, cylin-
drical, fimbriated, or tesselated. They may fill up the entire
naso-pharvngeal cavity ; or, again, they may be limited to
the posterior portion of the vault. Whenever we meet with
the symptoms, as first cursorily detailed, the existence of this
glandular enlargement of the pharynx should be strongly sus-
pected. In certain cases it may be absolutely affirmed, pro-
vided, however, we are quite sure that the affection is uncom-
plicated ; but this is very rarely the case, and chronic infiltra-
tion of Price Of Effexor Xr the mucous lining of Effexor Xr Online the nasal passages is a common
cause of error. Xevertheless, if these passages have been suc-
cessfully treated by divers local applications already, and if
they appear to be tolerably Effexor 75 Xr free, we are further justified in
recurring to our diagnosis of " adenoid masses of the naso-
pharyngeal space." AYe have two methods by which we may
recognize tliese vegetations: 1. Rhinoscopy; 2. Digital ex-
ploration. The first of these methods, when it is practicable,
is bj all means to be made use of. Unfortunately, the ob-
structed condition of the passages to be investigated — the
want of any appreciable space between the posterior margin
of the velum and the pharynx — which often exists (making,
as we are aware, rhinoscopy almost impossible), chronic hy-
pertrophy Getting Off Effexor Xr of the tonsils, and excessive intolerance of the small
mirror, which is occasionally present — all these difficulties be-
come so great at tinies, that in reality examination of this
kind is utterly fruitless. Digital examination is then our only
sure means to arrive at a correct diagnosis. And, with the
index-finger of the right hand passed gently behind the velum,
we shall generally have that peculiar tactile sensation, almost
impossible to describe, which reveals to us in an absolute man-
ner the presence of this hypertrophy of glandular tissue. In-
jections of astringent solutions behind the velum, or the appli-
cations of caustics by means of a brush, sponge, or curved
probe, directly to these vegetations, are rarely, if ever,
crowned with success. Recourse, in a few cases, may be had
to a method of procedure recommended by Meyer, and which
consists " in the crushing or scraping off of the tumors as
near their base as possible." For this purpose an instrument
is used which he thus describes : '' It consists, first, of a little
ring of a transverse, oval shape, having one edge sharp, al-
though not absolutely cutting, and the other one rounded ofip;
and, secondly, of a slender, stiff, but at the same time flexible
stem, bearing the ring at one extremity, fixed into a roughened
handle at the other."
We shall now describe, briefly, the operation, employing
pretty nearly Meyer's own words : '' This instrument is
passed, with much delicacy, through the nose, keeping the
long axis of the ring perpendicular, and making its blunt
edge glide along the septum. The point of the index-finger
and the instrument having been made to meet behind the
posterior narcs, the finger should now ])ress each vegetation
separately upward against the ring, while the latter should
be moved in a downward direction, so that its sharp edge
cnislies them off as Effexor Xr 150 near their base as possible, tlie nail or the
point of the linger servinjij as a ])oiht (Ia2)])ui for the instru-
The following case shows the efficacy of this treatment :
*' I had cleared the obstructed passage," writes Meyer,
'' tln-ough the nose, removed the enlarged tonsils and the
swelling of the throat and soft palate, but the manner of
sj)eal'in(j remained as defective as ever. The patient, a young
lady, now underwent a regular course of Effexor Xr 150mg training in pronun-
ciation, but with no better result." By digital examination,
soft masses were recognized as almost entirely tilling up the
naso-pharyngeal cavity. These growths were Effexor Xr Price removed by the
operation cursorily described above, Effexor Xr Cost and "the result was most
satisfactory ; the voice became clear almost immediately, and
the patient was able to breathe freely through the nose."
Eighteen months after the Effexor Xr Venlafaxine operation the patient was still en-
joying good health, " both as to speech and hearing."
In a certain Effexor Xr 150 Mg number of cases Meyer's operation Effexor Xr 37.5 is unsuc-
cessful in a measure, for it Effexor Xr Mg is found to be impossible to remove,

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