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Related post: it appeared, that on an average 24 per cent, of the prescriptions ex-*
amined, contained either opium, morphia, or hyoscyamus, in one or
other of their preparations, while the mercurials of all kinds, of which
blue pill is now by far the most popular, were directed in 23 per cent*
of the prescriptions; iodine and iodide of potassium in only 6 per cent,
and though the files were examined with reference to the different
seasons of the year, cinchona, and its alkaloids, only appeared in 9 per
cent, of those written in Philadelphia. The preponderance, here shown,
would, probably, be greatly increased in case of the preparations of
opium, if the medicines dispensed without prescriptions were taken into
account. Laudanum and paregoric are found in almost every dwelling,
at all provided with medicines, while the great variety of carminatives
and infant cordials, given so indiscriminately and so injudiciously, nearly
all contain opium as their most active ingredient.
In estimating the reliance placed by physicians upon narcotics, by
the data above given, allowance must be made for their extensive employ- Buy Zebeta
ment as correctives of the undue influence of agents primarily affecting
the secretions. This is, indeed, one of their chief uses in prescribing,
and in the case of opium, especially is, perhaps, often resorted to from
habit, rather than from any indication in the symptoms.
Next to opium hyoscyamus is the most popular of the class of cere-
bral stimulants; its relaxing effect upon the bowels, secures its substi-
tution for opium in very many instances; as an alterative, also, it shares
with conium, belladonna, and stramonium, considerable reputation in
appropriate combinations. The prophylactic effects of belladonna, its
lisscrted specific influence on certain eruptive diseases, and its well
known usefulness in opthalmic surgery, give its extract and alkaloid,
atropia, prominent positions in the class. Conium is not unfrequently
prescribed with sarsaparilla and the mercurials, while stramonium ia
less in repute for internal use than in ointments applied to haamor-
rhoids. Stramonium leaves are much employed for fumigation in asth-
matic affections, a practice frequently productive of speedy relief, not-
withstanding its alkaloid, daturia, is not volatile; that of conium being
freelv so its leaf might be supposed to furnish a much better materiiu
for the fabrication of asthmatio paper and aegars. Another eligible
mode of admin tstmrins thia ' ' -^vft^ia, Q«p^\«XVi ^^^«

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