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Atorlip 10
Atorlip 10

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Inorown toe nails have long been a source of trouble
and annoyance to the surgeon as well as to the patient, and
many methods of treatment have been practiced with in-
different success. The causes are many. Trimming the cor-
ners of the nail back too close to the fleshy union, hard
.shoes, too short or too narrow across the toes, too high heels,
and congenital soft nails, are the most common causes.
The application of caustic potash to the nail to soften
it, and stuffing cotton under the corners, may be success-
ful if done early. Scraping the nail in the center and lift-
ing the Order Atorlip Online comers with Atorlip 20 Mg an clastic band has been recommended.
[N. Y. Med. Jons.,
and may succeed if done in time. I have used strips of
rubber adhesive plaster applied to Order Atorlip the flesh at the edge of
the nail and passed around beneath the toe diagonally back-
ward, drawing the soft parts away from the nail and treat-
ing the corners as above mentioned, with fair success in
selected cases. The corners of the nail should be allowed
to grow out past the end of the toe, which will always suc-
ceed as a remedy, Atorlip 40 except where the nail is so soft and brittle
that it breaks off back to the fleshy union, and this is seldom
seen except in the congenital soft nail.
Removal of the entire nail gives only temporary relief,
and the trouble returns, usually, tenfold worse than before ;
for when the nail grows out again it Purchase Atorlip Online is thick and deformed,
often the distal end of Atorlip 10 the matrix is destroyed, and the
nail of sharper incurve than before, both shortening and
thickening it.
Dr. Cotting published, a few years ago, a method which
has met with favor with most surgeons as the Atorlip Tablets best and
most satisfactory cure — that of slicing off the side of the
toe from the edge of the nail, removing all of the inflamed
part, cutting away the whole side of the toe and treating it
antiseptically, allowing the wound to cicatrize over the cut
surface, the contraction of the cicatrix drawing the soft
parts away from the nail.
Another method recommended is to remove Atorlip F the nail
and destroy the matrix with caustics ; this is unwarrant-
able in all cases that I have ever seen, and will almost al-
ways be unsuccessful, resulting in the return of the nail or
parts of the nail, where the matrix has not been destroyed,
in the form of little round, hard knots, more troublesome
than the ingrown nail, requiring subsequent operations
which must be very painful.
A method which to Atorlip 20 me is new, and has only been prac-
ticed by myself so far as I know, is simple, rational, and,
in my hands in more than a score of cases, has been suc-
cessful, giving satisfaction in every case. Fig. 1 shows the
condition of the toe with ingrown nail, also the cut Buy Atorlip made for
the operation. Commencing about three sixteenths of an
inch Buy Cheap Atorlip from the edge of the nail, passing the knife directly
toward the bone, not going deep enough to wound the peri-
osteum, make the cut from the center in front, horizontal
to the plantar surface, around and back to a line a little
beyond the proximal end of the nail ; next begin at the
same place as before, pass the knife in a semicircular man-
ner, ending with the proximal end of the first cut, remov- Atorlip Price
ing an elliptical wedge-shaped section Atorlip 10 Mg by bringing the cuts
together at their Buy Atorlip Online deepest angle. A piece three eighths of
an inch in width is often sufficient to draw the soft parts
away from the nail when closed. Bring the edges together
with deep silk sutures, as in Fig. 2, dress antiseptically, and

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