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Acai Berry Natural
Acai Berry Natural

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the others the patient suffers from hyperchlorhy-
dria. Under my treatment the patient requires min-
eral acids and under the other method the patient
would be given alkalies. And, as under the alka-
lies the patient would get worse, the physician at
once stamps the patient as "nervous or hysterical."
What a fallacy!
The presence of the Acai Berry Uk organic acids is to be proved
also by a different method, the floating method
which I devised in 1902. This method is based
upon the fact that the organic acids, usually found
in the stomach, are extracted by ether. The ether
extract is then floated upon a weak solution of fer-
ric chloride. At the plane of contact of the ether
extract with the iron solution a colored ring ap-
pears. The color What S Acai Berry of the rings varies with the dif-
ferent acids. In my experiments I have used one
drop of a Acai Berry Vitamin ten per cent, solution of ferric chloride to
two c. c. of distilled water in a narrow Acai Berry Singapore test tube
(one c. c. diameter), upon which was floated the
ether extract of the acid solution. The ether ex-
tract was made 'by putting one c. c. of the acid so-
lution into a Acai Berry Natural Strauss's separatory funnel, adding to
it. four c. c. of ether, shaking it well, letting it rest
for a little while until the ether separated from the
watery solution beneath, then allowing the lower,
watery part to escape, by opening the stopcock, and
then float the clear ether extract upon the iron solu-
tion. The following acids were used in the experi-
ments : Acetic, butyric, citric, formic, lactic, malic,
propionic, succinic, oxalic, and tartaric. Of these
the malic, lactic, oxalic, and tartaric gave a sulphur
vellow ring. Propionic and succinic acids gave Acai Berry Cost a
dark jasper red ring. To distinguish the several
acids, which give a sulphur yellow ring, from the
lactic acid, all we have to do is to dilute the solu-
tion to be tested. Diluted to an acidity of forty the
sulphur yellow ring of malic, oxalic, and tartaric
acid became faint and, at an acidity of twenty-six
the malic acid extract failed to give the sulphur
vellow ring. But Acai Berry Site the lactic acid gives the charac-
teristic reaction with as low an acidity as ten and
even with an acidity of five, if the test tube is
corked up so as to prevent the evaporation of the
ether and allowed to stand for a while undisturbed.
The acid phosphates of calcium (acidity eighty),
magnesium (acidity 100), sodium (acidity forty),
and potassium (acidity fifty-five) gave no sulphur
yellow rings. Neither did the mineral acids re-
spond to this test.
Some differentiation can be made between tar-
taric and lactic acids. If we look at the test tube
with the light in front of us, the Acai Berry Store ring of tartaric acid
appears opaque and seems to shade into Nile green
and, when looking with the back turned Acai Berry India to the light
and a white sheet of paper is held behind the test
tube the color of the ring appears a sulphur yellow.
In lactic acid the sulphur yellow ring is perfectly Acai Berry In Uk
transparent in both of these positions. Further-
more, if 0.3 c. c. alcohol, ninety-five per cent., is
added to each test tube containing the tartaric and
lactic acids, and the test tube is shaken, the ether
column in Order Acai Berry each test tube remains clear, but the iron
column of the tartaric acid becomes cloudy, while
the iron column of the lactic acid remains clear.
The sulphur vellow rings of the malic and oxalic
acids soon fade ; the lactic acid ring persists. Be-
side the floating test the presence of succinic acid
may be confirmed by the following test: If a solu-
tion, of succinic acid is boiled with a few drops of
concentrated sulphuric acid, in a test tube, the odor
of celery is given off.
The general deduction from these experiments is
that if the ether extract of the chyme shows a col-
ored ring on the floating test, the chyme contains
organic acids. Thus we have another and a posi-
tive means of demonstrating the presence of organic
acids, beside the method advocated by me before,
which consists of the use of the Topfer's solution.
When testing for lactic acid, no alcohol should be
added to Acai Berry Product the chyme, as alcohol itself Acai Berry Price gives a sul-
phur yellow ring, although not of the same intensity
as the lactic acid.
The test for combined hydrochloric acid is a
negative one. We do not test directly for such acid.
The indicator we use reacts with all other acids,
save the Acai Berry 500 hydrochloric acid in combination. This
test is used then, when the question arises whether
the stomach secretes any hydrochloric acid at all.
The indicator for such purpose is a watery Acai Berry S one per
cent, solution of alizarin. We proceed in the fol-
lowing way : First we determine the free hydro-
chloric acid, organic acids, and the general acidity.
We then take Mega T Acai Berry another specimen of the chyme and
use two drops of the alizarin solution as indicator
and titrate until the chyme turns purple. Acai Berry In India Supposing
we proceed with the illustration given before, to de-
termine the combined hydrochloric acid of the same
chyme. We shall have to take another five c. c. of
the filtered Super Acai Berry chyme and put into it two drops of the
alizarin reagent and begin to titrate with the deci-
normal sodium hydrate solution. After having de-
termined the free hydrochloric acid, the organic
acids, and the general acidity, the buret read 144.
We now resume the titration and find that, when the
chyme turns purple, which is Acai Berry 100 the end reaction of the
alizarin, the buret reads 17.1, indicating that in this
titration 2.7 of the caustic soda has been used up.
If we now multiply 2.7 by twenty we get as the re-
sult fifty-four. The general acidity, which we
have previously ascertained was seventy from which
we now deduct fifty-four, which leaves sixteen. The
complete answer will be, that the chyme specimen
spoken of before contained 100 Acai Berry free hydrochloric acid
eighteen, organic acids thirty, combined hydro-
chloric acid sixteen, and that the general aciditv
was seventy, leaving an acidity of six unaccounted
for. It is assumed that the acidity of the
chyme, not otherwise accounted for. is due to
acid phosphates. I confess, that as yet, I have
not been able to demonstrate the acid phos-
phates in the chyme of the test breakfast, con-
sequently, I cannot vouch for the correctness of
such an assumption. Quite the contrary. Accord-
ing to the simple test which I have devised for such
purpose, I failed to. get the reaction for acid phos-
phates. My test is based upon the fact that the red
ferrirhodanide is decolorized by phosphoric acid and
the phosphates. This red ferrirhodanide solution
consists of :
Distilled water 5 c. c. ;
Ten per cent, solution ferric chloride, 2 drops;
Five per cent, solution ammonium sulpho-
cyanide 5 drops.
March 29, 1913.]

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