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From: Glenn Freemen
Subject: My Married Buddy and Me - Part 1This story is the sole ownership of Glenn Freemen. It may not be
reproduced in part or in its entirety without the permission of the
author.Comments are most welcome at*******Rob and bbs loli ptsc
I live in the same neighborhood. We're both married, we both
have kids, and, we both have been friends for about 5 years now.Rob is about 5'11" with pitch black hair, slim build and in excellent
physical shape and works out at least 4 times a week. I'm a casual
gym-goer. I'm in pretty good shape, run and bike -- and go to loli kds fuck the gym
when I 15yo loli tenn put on a few extra pounds, or when I want to get in extra good
shape. I'm also 5'11", but have light brown hair, and a medium
build. I actually met Rob at the gym, finding out that we lived a few
blocks from each other. A few weeks after we had seen each other loli japan pic a few
times at the gym, and gone out for a couple of coffees, we decided that
our families should meet each other. Everyone got along great.That's the casual beginning of our relationship, but soon, it wouldn't
be as casual. Rob didn't hesitate to jump lesbian lolicon doujinshi into my personal space. I
don't usually let that happen, as I like to gradually get to know
someone. But this guy affected me somehow; his smile, his laugh; and his
comfort with hard russian loli being close to me -- physically -- when he talked, or told a
joke, or when we changed in the locker room.Walking home from the gym one Saturday afternoon, he asked me into his
house for a drink. No one was home, so we could be a little freer with
our language and guy-talk. As I'd only been to his house once for a
dinner-party, I asked if I could see the rest of the house. So, he showed
me the basement, and the upper floor kids rooms. When we got to his
room, he lay down on the bed and continued talking. As there was no
place else to sit, I joined him on loli asia free
the bed, continuing our conversation.
The easiness of the conversation, and the tightening bonds of hard loli pedo bbs
friendship soon squashed what sudden discomfort I felt laying on his bed
with him.When there was a lull in the conversation, he jumped up and said he
wanted to change into his jeans as he was in his sweats. I was unsure if
he wanted me to leave, but again, it happened fast -- lolits thumbnails he started taking
off his clothes and throwing them in his laundry hamper, leaving him
standing there preteen lolis in his boxers. Every once in awhile I skinny loli forum
would see pieces of
his dark bush coming out the opening of his boxers, and the 3rd time,
when he caught me glancing down, he called me loli message board
on it."Hey man, is something wrong -- is it peeking out loli sexy
or something?" he
laughed."..just can't help notice your dark pubes sticking out of those bright
white boxers"."Yeah, I'm pretty hairy down there, but hey board ls mag loli -- I do believe you're not
much different?"I smiled at him. young model loli "Yes sir, I like it as natural -- well almost
natural. My dick is cut, so it's not quite natural."Mine is semi-cut" he said."What does that mean?" I asked wondering if he'd show me."Well, I think they just cut off part of the foreskin, and left just a
little -- well, you've lolicon 3d porn
looked at it haven't you"?"I've glanced at it", I admitted, "but haven't looked at it real
close".He walked over to the bed, and lowered his boxers. There was this index loli
black bush gallery loli of pubic hair and his soft white cock hanging nicely. He
lifted it up to show me and in fact it was like a semi-cut dick. His
head was partially covered and without thinking I reached out to loli porn models touch
the head. At the moment of contact, I realized sexy loli pics what I was doing, and
with my fingers still touching the head of his penis, I looked up at him
smiling down at me.There was a moment of awkwardness. I had my friend's penis in my hand.
He was standing there naked, and something came over me. Here was the
line between being a straight buddy and going a step further. I'd had
the feeling a few times in the last few years, but I'd never acted on
it. I decided to let go of it, as I didn't know if I wanted to cross the
line just yet."How did it feel?" he asked grinning sheepishly."Well...okay. A little different than mine and uh, since I've never had
my free loli bbs passwords
hand on another guy's dick before I was surprised how comfortable I
was. Probably just because it was you though.....I mean, because we're
getting to be pretty close buds.""I noticed", he said pulling up his boxers. "It's nice having a good
buddy".I laid back on the bed with my head hanging down one side of the bed."What are you thinking about" he asked while grooming his hair. I
didn't answer, so he punched my arm and asked again, "What are you
thinkin' about?"I paused for a long time, and then just decided to blurt it out. "You
know in all my 35 years, I've never loli blog 14yo fooled around with pteen forbidden loli another guy.
Yours is the first dick I've ever touched other than my own. You know
I've heard that guys had jerk loli pedo photo
off sessions with each other, or compared
length, but somehow that just never happened to me. There have been a
few times when I've been interested, but nothing ever worked out.There was silence again, and Rob sat down at the end of the bed. We
weren't looking at each other. "Oh man, pretty loli nude I wasn't trying to put you on
the spot, or say I wanted to loli ta tgp experiment with you. Sorry -- just lolicon imageboard letting
you know what I was thinking"."Well, since we're being honest, I jerked off with my buddy in high
school; I mean -- not each other, just did it at a camp-out. I guess I
admit I've wondered what it would be like to be with a guy" he said
standing up and walking over kinder loli porn to me. hot lolitta "I think I um....I think I need to
think about this a little bit", he said quietly, putting his hand on my
thigh and squeezing it gently."Hmmm, interesting we're both thinking the same thing", I responded --
"but, hot lolicon yeah -- let's wait a bit, I said putting my hand on top of his
that was resting oh-so-close to my dick.I got up off boy loli sex the bed and told him that I should go. When he stood up, he
came close and we stared at each other for a bit, recognizing that our
friendship had just become a little closer and there was a possibility illegal yo loli of
things getting even better. He stepped in closer, and for the first
time, we hugged each other very close -- I could feel his chest, his
covered bulge pressed lightly against mine, and the preteens loli pics hair on our legs
brushed up against the others."I better get home" I said, and started walking to the door.He followed me out with his arm on my shoulder. "Call you in a couple
of days man. We'll go out for a drink", he said.Two days later, his wife called, asking if we wanted to go out to a local
club that Saturday featuring a hot new local band. All of us loved to
dance and I knew we'd have lolicon gallery archive a great time together. But when Saturday
came around, my incest loliya wife was feeling awful and didn't want to go. Even
though she suggested I go anyway, I was feeling a little strange about
it, as I didn't want to be loli 13 bbs the single guy out. But, after calling
Rob, he suggested that I come with them and we could all dance together.Considering that Rob's wife decided to be the designated driver, he and
I could drink the night away and have a good time -- and that -- is
exactly what we did. The 5 loli preteen angels of us who went, drank, danced, laughed, and
goofed teen models lolit around. Around top list loli 11:00, Rob wanted a breath of fresh air, and asked
me to come outside with him. We walked around the building joking around,
but I noticed that he kept looking around to see if anyone was following
us. When we reached an area behind the building that was dark -- he
grabbed my shoulders, turned me towards him and planted a huge kiss on my
lips. My eyes were opened in astonishment, but ranchi loli my lips against his
seemed to be right. There was no tongue at the beginning, just a hard,
warm, wonderful kiss.He planted his masculine hands on either side of my face and pulled my
lips away from his. He looked at me dark nude loli smiling, "I've been wanting to do
that all night. I'm feeling a connection with you that I've never felt
with another guy!"I grabbed him and pulled him against me. "When you meet a soul-mate,
you're just connected and there's not much you can do about it. Now,
there's something I've been wanted to do for the last few days --unzip
those jeans, Rob"."What? Out here?", he little lolias laughed liked a little boy. ...."I don't
think....."I couldn't let him finish and had my tgp lolite hands on his jeans, opening the
snaps and pulling down the red photo loli zipper. I was on my knees in a second,
pulling down his underwear to give me access to his penis. I felt I had
to do it quick before he changed his mind, or before we were caught. He
put his hands on my head, offering me his penis, which I took in my mouth
and just held it there. I wanted to taste it and him, and know what it
was like too suck my best buddy. His cock was flaccid, and my nose was
buried deep in his black bush -- and everything felt like it was right.
Suddenly we heard a couple of people talking and walking in our
direction. Rob managed an "Oh shit" and yanked me on my feet and we
took off in the opposite direction running laughing.We ran into the building heading into the loud music looking for our
friends, but they were all up on the dance floor. lolicon xxx We went back to our
table and sat down beside each other, close enough that our lightly hairy
arms were touching. We each took a swig of beer when I looked at him. We
both had huge grins on our faces -- when I leaned over to him and told
him that his cock tiny tits lolipop tasted great, and I couldn't free lolicon movie archive wait lolit i am fool
to take some time
and do it right."Man, I couldn't believe you did that! You just slurped right in your
mouth.""Me!" I exclaimed in a whisper. "You kissed me you horny devil".We were both so horny, we probably would have done each other on the
table."Look what you did to me" he said looked down into his crotch. He sat
back exposing the outline of a huge lloli models hard dick trying to burst through his
jeans."Whew, you're a big boy. Looking forward to the challenge!" I grinned
as I took another swig of beer.He did a quick look around, then suddenly grabbed my hand and pressed
against his hot cock -- and I mean hot. The heat was rising from his
crotch and the urge to get down in between his legs and suck was so
intense my hard cock was starting to seep pre-cum."Man lets get up there and dance before I cream in my jeans. loli chill porn Gotta get
ride of this hardon."We moved up ilegal sex lolit on loli fotos the floor, found our gang who were with several others and
just joined in, getting into the groove and feeling extremely sexy. We
stayed up there for the rest of the night until we were just too tired,
and too drunk to go on anymore. It was time to go home.As it was a little chilly, the women sat in the front getting the first
full blast of immediate hot air from the vents while we three guys sat
bunched up in the back with the car underage teen loli blanket on us to warm-up. I was in
the middle, and Rob's legs were spread wide, pressing hard against mine.
Our other buddy was almost passed out so I thought I'd make a little bit
of a move.I reached under the blanket with lolits i am fool my right hand and started rubbing his
crotch ever so junior asian loli lightly illegal loli rompl
thailand loli tour so no one could detect any movement under the
blanket. He thrust his crotch up into my hand and lolicon imgboard our pressure against
each other got his rock hard in a couple of russian lolits illegal porn minutes. Once he was hard, I
took my index finger and lightly and slowly ran it up and down the length
of his shaft. He was going nuts, and so was I! He wanted a blowjob, and I
wanted to give one!!Too late! He and his wife were dropped off loli young pedo xxx
at home, and I got out of the
car to give them both a hug. She gave me a huge hug and kisses on the
cheek and started walking to the door. Rob porno lolitta
gave me a quick tight hug so I
could feel his still hard cock, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said --
"Tomorrow -- you're going to learn how to swallow this thing!" We gave
our polite yet drunken goodbyes and I crawled back in the car.Had hot sex with my wife that night, thinking only of sucking Rob's
hairy dick. I can't remember being that turned on.The next morning at 11, Rob called me asking if I'd like free child loli
to come over
for a coffee. I told him I'd need to video lolicon gratis take a shower, but would be over in
about 30 minutes. He told me not to bother as he hadn't and wanted to
just hang out with the slight buzz he still had. free loli tpg
His wife and kids had
gone over to her mother's and he was alone. I couldn't wait.When I got to his house, he met me in his old t-shirt and sweat shorts.
He shut the door, walked over to loli photographer the couch and without hesitation,
slipped down his shorts and sat down."This is yours for the next hour" he said with his legs spread showing
off his hairy man parts.I licked my lips and immediately shucked my jeans. I hadn't worn any
underwear."Stand up for a minute" I said pulling him on his feet. kinder loli thai I pulled him
against me and looked down as our hairy crotches met for the xxx lolias first time.
Our arms were on each other's shoulders, and our huge grins returned to
our faces. We swayed slowly back and forth, `crossing swords', and
pushing our dicks into each other's bushes."Fuck, this feels so good" I said."Man, this is a great Sunday morning exercise" he replied.He pulled me back toward the couch, and as he sat down, fucking loli xxx he gently pushed
me on the floor in between his legs. "Take your time lovin' this
thing" he smiled.I got comfortable exploring his hairy legs and thighs, rubbing them
against my lolicon cute
face as I worked my way to heaven. When I got there, he
spread his legs loli girls bbs as wide as he could and put his hands behind his head. I
pressed my face into his crotch smelling and licking everything that was
there. His underage loli pedo pubes, his thick cock, and his hairy bag, all smelled
wonderful and somehow familiar. He lifted his crotch up pressing it into
my face and I realized that I loved it. He grabbed his penis and placed
it on my lips moving it from side to side, even getting a letting out a
little bit of precum.I loli naked angel opened my porn bbs loli mouth and let it slide in with my fist on the base of his
cock. lolicon beastality
I flicked my tongue on his beautiful head, and dove back down until
I could smell his bush. He just melted and relaxed allowing me (and him!)
full pleasure. His cock has a good size, and the visual was incredible --
looking down into his crotch, legs and bag was a major turn-on. lolicon nn preteen I let
his boner slip from my mouth, and started on his bag -- one nut at a
time. He loved this and whispered -- "shit, she never touches my
nuts". This made me take a little more lolicon pictures
time on his sac while he rubbed
his cock underground loli bbs
all over my face.After a long time of worshipping this guy's dick, I was anxious to see
what his semen tasted like and it seems loli red porn
he and I were thinking along the
same line."Ready to taste your best buddy's spunk?" he asked lifting my head off
his cock."Let me have it" I said diving back down on his cock. He started
quickly jerking his cock while I sucked hard and played with his balls. I
managed to find a way to suck while looking at his face and in no time
flat, he was spewing in my mouth. We looked at each other smiling and in
utter ecstasy. I was waiting for a disgusting taste, but it never
happened. I felt the thick fluid, and lapped it up like ice cream. My
best buddy's load of semen was in my mouth, and I loved it! I couldn't
let go, and even while he started to get soft, I wanted hentai loli movie to lick it, and
smell it some more.I still felt loli feet like a man -- actually felt more like a man being able to
experience another guy's dick. But this activity came to an end too
abruptly as we heard the garage door opening up to let his wife's car
back in the garage."Shit" we both yelled. I hadn't even gotten off yet and was rock hard.
I grabbed my clothes and ran to the washroom, while he easily slipped on
his shorts. He ran and got two cups nudist lolikon videos of preteen loli dark pedo
cold coffee and put them on the
table, hentai loli rape
and I got back just in time to sit down, put my feet up on the
coffee table, and `continue photo lolicon
the conversation'Rob looked at me and motioned that there was preteen loli nonude
something on my face. I
reached up to feel it and when I touched it and loliza incest looked at it, I realized
it was Rob's semen. I quickly scooped loli young candid
it up and lick it off my finger.
He scooped up the rest with his finger and put it in my mouth. bbs loli world pics
What a
Sunday treat!His wife walked in to say hi to me, but then excused herself to have a
nap. When she left the room and went upstairs, we both gave a huge sigh
of relief. We waited a few minutes, when I opened my pants so my huge
cock could be set free. As we weren't sure how long we'd be, loli child models pics Rob just
reached over and grabbed my boner, gave it few quick lolia mpeg underage yanks and I spewed
all over my t-shirt. It was short but sweet, but great to have his hand
around my cock. We sat there for a few minutes, knowing we were
completely comfortable with what we had done.I looked at him, bent over on the couch and pulling down the top of his
shorts, I sucked his soft penis in my mouth for a couple more minutes. He
pushed me back upright and told me how incredible that was. I told him
that totally love his cock in my mouth and hoped that russian bbs loli
he and I could get
together often for fun and to suck him - often. While I bent over to
tie my shoes, he got up and stood in japanese loli pedo front of me. "Can I just see loli child pedo collection
your mouth one more time".I moved in, pulled down his shorts, kissing, lolitta lycra
sucking, licking and finally
just holding his hairy dick in my mouth. He rustled my hair like I was
his kid brother, and got me on my feet. "Shit, let me get you another
t-shirt. You can't go out with that cum all over you.As he started to lolitta ru galleries turn to pedololi tgp go away, I stopped him."Just let me have the ranchi loli bbs
tshirt and shorts you're wearing now. I'll drop
them off tomorrow"."You dirty guy....can't get enough of my smell??" He quickly took off
his shorts and shirt while I undressed -- giving him my jeans. We were
both naked for a second, and then I put on his shorts, feeling hentai loli free the heat
and some precum from inside on my dick, and then his sweat covered t.He slipped on my jeans, and it was real hot to watch his hairy crotch
share the space neuken loli where mine had been. I told him I had loli paradise bbs to go. We hugged
and I left. The moment I got home, I jerked off into shorts 3 times
thinking about sucking that beautiful manly cock.How would I make sure this would happen often?Glenn Freemen
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