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Subject: Military SchoolMilitary School
by R.B.W.
Watch for the switch. It's a bit abrupt and probably too clever, but it's
I've calmed down quite a bit since high school. I used to do a lot
of drinking with my friends, going to the kind of parties the cops would
break up in an hour, after the neighbors had complained about the music.
We had some good pranks going, too, like the time we let three
science-laboratory rats into the girls' wife teaches teen porn
locker room. That one was a real
riot. After being suspended for about the third time, my parents couldn't
handle the pressure anymore, and despite my pleading, shipped me off to
military school. The blond guy I shared a room with my junior year, a
sophomore named Kurt, although a bit of a prick, was there for reasons that
were never really clear to me. He was free ukrainian teen porn
a real homo, never played any
sports, and most free full teen porn
of the little time I did spend in the room he used up
involving me in annoying free teen male porn
discussions about what color socks he was going to
wear to liven up the navy tiffany teen sex tape
blue uniform. I guess his parents thought,
incorrectly, that military training would "straighten" him out. I couldn't
stand him.
He got cocky on me, once he realized I was not having his shit, and
he bitched about everything. So I really only slept in the room; the last
thing I wanted to do was get undressed in front of this teen go porn
guy. I even talked
to the resident officer, a friend of mine, about getting my room switched,
but he said there was nothing he could do. Kurt and teen vixen porn I actually went
through a period of basically not saying a word except "hey" to one
another. But after about three months of this avoiding-my-room business, I
started to get frustrated and decided to just fuck it. I started hanging
out there more, but kept to myself, and just concentrated on my homework.
I even got small titty teen porn used to my underwear, I mean, what was he going to do? I
figured, "let him go ahead and look, I don't give a shit." And I guess he
looked. I played some baseball, and soccer and football less, and I guess
my body looked alright, not that I'd been comparing mine to anybody else's.
Around that time I discovered he had a habit of jerking off late at
night after he thought I was asleep. Personally, I would always just go to
the john to take care of it, but I guess he felt comfortable doing it with
me on the bunk right above him. 8 teen porn Curiously, it always seemed raunchy teen porn to happen when
I would come back from the showers in just a towel, like on weekends when I
had the time to chill out before getting dressed. I would be napping and
all of a sudden I would wake up to the sounds of heavy breathing and the
creaking of bedsprings. That would last a few minutes and hot teen asses
then he would be
stifling these grunts. There was this framed poster on the wall across the
room from our beds, a promotional thing from the Yankees winning the World
Series, and what I'm sure he didn't realize was that I could see him very
clearly in the reflection of the glass, down at the dark bottom half of the
poster. I teen girl porn pic
would look over to see his naked body tense up, his crotch arch
up in the air, and him cumming all over himself. Then I would see his hand
reach over to grab some tissues off of the dresser, and he must have had
powerful balls because more often than not, he would also free teen boys porn
have to wipe off
the underside of my bunk.
One Saturday, I had been playing touch football with four qmov teen porn or five
other guys. It was a tough match. I'm about a hundred and fifty-five
pounds, not as big as a couple of the guys on plump teen sex video the other team, so I came
back exhausted, soaked in sweat, and stained with dirt and grass all down
my left side. There's no reason to play if you're not going to get all
fucked up, though, that's the fun part. I almost threw my jock strap into
the garbage, it was so sweaty and dirty, but I decided there was no point
in being extreme about it. I just threw it in my dresser and forgot about
it. It turned up missing the next time I looked for it, but there isn't
much mystery to where it went.
After cleaning up, I came teen factory porn gallery
back to the room and wound up falling
asleep in 16yo teen porn star my boxers. When I woke up again teen sex pictures porn
and stretched, I heard him
scrambling around below me. I dropped my head over the bunk to ask michigan models porn teen
what time it was. He was in this fetal position under the blanket that
seemed like he was hiding a hard-on. I mean, I guess he could have just
been relaxed like that, since he was "reading a book," but I wasn't
convinced. Plus, he answered me with the reddest face, and couldn't make
eye contact with me. I knew at that point that he was up to something, I
just wasn't sure what fresh faced teen slut it was. For some reason, don't ask me why, I just
didn't care. I suppose I didn't think he could really do any harm. I
could kick his sorry ass anyway. For a goof, I decided to play with him
and freak him out, so before my own hard-on had subsided from my nap, I
dropped down, sticking my hard dick where I knew his head was. I pretended
I was fixing something on my bunk as I stood there, and of course I had to
lean in and shove my dick right in the direction of his face. I got
dressed and went out. When I said "see ya," he said, "later," with this
dumbfounded look on beth teen porn his face. I bet he horny teen sluts had some fun with that one. So did
I. I smirked the whole way to the young teen daughter porn cafeteria.
Over the next couple weeks, I got a kick out of wearing only my
boxers whenever I was in for the night. I loved watching Kurt squirm
whenever I would ask to borrow a pencil or something (plus, he hated that)
while I stood there and nonchalantly played with my balls. The best was
when I would do some push-ups or sit-ups on the floor, and I would not be
the only one in the room breaking out in a sweat. He would be "reading,"
but strangely, wouldn't turn a page for five minutes at a time (I guess he
was a slow reader). One night I even jerked off for him on my bunk. It
was really late but I put on a good show if I do say so myself, and I'm
sure he heard me. I made sure there was no way he could not have. teen videos nude First,
I stripped naked and dropped my boxers right next to him on the ugly teen girl porn floor so he
would know to envision my naked body. teen girls watching porn Then I started stroking my eight
inches with more fervor than was necessary to get the job done, so that the
bed would creak and actually bang up against the wall a few times. I
tortured him like that with his own medicine for a while, but the weird
thing was, the idea of the little faggot down there getting all hot over my
hard cock was actually making me cum even faster. Jerking off in a
communal bathroom teaches you to be quiet about it, but when I came this
time, I panted and moaned, and to be honest, it was not all fake.
The only problem with my gags was being at this all-boys school out
in the middle of nowhere, right at the height of horny pubescence. Sure,
we had the dances with St. Mary's on the other side of town, but they were
few and far between. And hot nude 18 teens even then, mexican porn teen there was no guarantee that you'd be
able to sneak out of their gym with a girl and get a shoulderful of
knee-socks. There were the times when I wasn't sure I sex teen porn could take it any
more, and it didn't help that there was this mouth not three feet below me
that was itching to take care of my dick, whenever it needed it. The jokes
I was playing were getting steadily less funny...and then it happened. I
was working out one night, I think it was like a Tuesday or something, gay teen porn stories
Kurt was reading, there on the bottom bunk. He was lying on his stomach
with his feet at the pillow teen lesbian xxx
end, in just teen nude beach his pajama bottoms and no shirt.
The pajamas were loose around the waist from wear-and-tear and they fell
low enough that I could see the curve of his ass and just the top of his
crack. Every once amateur teen porn photography in a while he would readjust his position and stick his
ass up in the air like he was offering it for service. He wasn't
especially muscular, but he had this smooth little body and the nicest
tight round ass.
He was sucking on a Blow-Pop with all kinds of tongue and was not
trying real hard to hide the fact that he kept glancing over at my crotch
thinking about giving my free mexican teen porn dick the same treatment. It's fine when it's just
a joke, but my dick was getting harder by the minute, so I decided I was
too uncomfortable to finish working out. legal teen porn stars I crawled pregnent teen porn protectively on hands
and knees over to the dresser and grabbed my towel off the hook it had been
hanging on, so that when I stood up I could use it to hide the growing
hard-on that my boxers refused to. "Uh, I'm going to take a shower," I
said to him more meekly than I would have liked. He pulled the Blow-Pop
slowly out of his mouth and looked down my stomach to where I was awkwardly
holding the towel before answering, "okay, I'll be here." Then he stuck
his tongue out for the Blow-Pop and sucked it back into his mouth, still
staring into my eyes. I was erotic teen girl porn frozen there for a minute against my will
before I was able to tear myself away and go to the showers.
Luckily, the showers were separate from each other and although you
could disney teen titan porn see through the smoky glass doors, most of the other boys had washed
up earlier and had not yet arrived to brush their teeth for bed. Soaping
up my dick made it spring to life in my hands, and I was starting to get
into the sensation when I heard the door open and close. Quickly, I let go
of my dick and turned towards the wall. "Hey, uh, Matt?" it was Kurt. He
was not very loud about it.
"Yeah. What's up?"
"You forgot your shampoo, do you want it?"
"Uhhh, yyyeah, alright. Hold on a sec." There was no chance of my
dick letting me off the hook, so instead of opening it, I stuck my hand out
over the door. Kurt gave me the shampoo and softly brushed my hand with
his, a little more than teen tube lesbian was necessary. "Thanks," I said, "I'll be back in
a minute."
"Kay." I went back to washing my aching balls and underneath them,
but when I thought about it, I hadn't heard the door again, and I looked up
to see the outline of Kurt, still standing there, watching me. I stopped
washing, and he turned around and left. I thought about Kurt a while
longer as I rinsed everything, realising that having him watch me was
really turning me on, and that I was not going to be able to prevent the
inevitable. I reached out the door and grabbed my towel, only
half-heartedly drying myself with it, and positioned my throbbing dick at
the best angle I could under the tightly wrapped towel. Then, with my hand
gripping the folded towel at my pubic hair, pressing down on my dick to
keep it from tenting out, I neglected porn teen girls videos to remember my shampoo again and
cautiously crossed the bathroom to the door. I poked my head out, trying
not to look suspicious, and was suddenly very grateful to have been
assigned to a room not too far from the head. I trotted quickly to our
room, under the guise of being cold.
Once inside, I locked the door and went stupidly to my dresser. I
fumbled around with nothing in young teen porn thumbnails
particular for a minute, but was teen tryouts xxx porn
unable to
keep my mind on anything except letting Kurt suck me off. I let go of teen porn school girls the
towel. It stayed up, but my hard-on was now visible, and a towel normally
won't stay wrapped around you for too long, anyway. Kurt had been snapping
the gum from the Blow-Pop, but that flavor doesn't last long, either, so he
took it out and stuck it onto teen titans animation porn the bed post. teen creampies I walked over to the bunks,
right in front of Kurt's face, and pretended to be getting something off my
bed. I was so completely nervous I thought I would start giggling or
something, but my dick knew where it needed to go and was not taking no for
an answer. I closed my eyes; the towel was slipping. hardcore teen porn clips It unraveled all at
once and fell onto the floor. I knew he was going to let me suck it. We both knew he wanted it
so bad ever since he got here. teen free porn sites I let him stand there for a second. His
dick was as perfect as the rest of him and I wanted to relish the moment
watching it bounce around so eagerly for my mouth. I didn't touch him, I
just licked the head of his cock, once, to tease him. Serves him right to
wait. I certainly did. His leg was twitching like mad. Probably his
first time with a guy. I flicked my tongue right under the teen lesbian orgies head to get him
ready, even though his cock was telling me he was already more than ready.
I swirled my tongue around his head a couple times, and then teased the
slit for a little while. He was starting to precum like crazy, and I
wanted to taste him. A bead of sweat ran from his chest down his tight
stomach, so I licked that up, and then grabbed his dick by the base and
started milking him for his load.
I took his seven inches all the way, I had wanted it down my throat
for so long that I was almost feverish. I easily fought back the gagging
out of pure free video teen porn lust. I had played around with gradeschool friends gay teen facials
before and
a couple other boys on a vacation or two but this was the first time I had
sucked off a real stud like Matt, ebony teen free porn
although recently I had been thinking
about it almost continuously. I let him know with my tonsils how grateful
I was, and thanked him that way over and over again, getting steadily
faster about it. I went down to his pubic hair and stayed there for a
second, twisting my mouth around on his dick just enjoying my proximity to
his hard abdomen. He smelled great, too, clean from his shower but with a
faint musky smell from the new sweat that my sucking him xxx free teen porn was causing to run
down his chest teen hitchhiking porn
and stomach. teen gay boy He arched his back to feed me his dick deep.
I pulled back out to the tip of his hard-on and let my eyes follow the
treasure free cubain teen porn
trail up to his fantastic pecs, covered with just the right teen incest porn websitesyoung teen blowjob movies amount
of hair, and then to his face. He was staring down at me, too, but when
our eyes met, something changed.
Suddenly he rasped out, "Don't fucking look at me, just suck it,"
and he grabbed me by the back of the head and lesbian teen pics shoved his dick all the way
in. I gagged from not being prepared and started to choke. This really
freaked me out a lot and I got a little scared. I thought about some of
these stories I'd young teen porn net heard about guys getting the shit kicked out of them
after the "straight" one came and couldn't deal with the fact that it was
another guy that had finished them off. I knocked his arms away from my
head and stopped. After catching my breath from coughing I said, "um, I
don't think this is, uhh, sssuch a good idea," and I moved over a foot from
where I'd been sitting on the bunk. This seemed to make him even angrier
and he started harrassing me, "What?! What are you fucking talking about
'not a good idea'? I can't fucking believe this." His dick was still as
hard as ever, and I think that was part of the problem. But I was getting
really uncomfortable and sort of cowering further and further into the
bunk. Matt was whispering carefully but his teeth were clenched up and he
had this psychotic look on his face free fuck teens as he stared at me. I did my best to
avoid his leer. "You're gonna stop? You teen home porn fucking homo! You've been
wanting it this whole time and now you're gonna leave me hanging? I don't
fucking think teen creampie archives
He grabbed my one ankle and pulled me roughly out to the edge of
the bunk, then took hold of my arm and spun me around, forcing me face-down
onto the bed, with my knees on the floor. Then he ripped my pajama bottoms
down, tearing some of the already free porn teen rape
fragile elastic waistband in the process.
I struggled but he had his forearm pressed against my back so it did little
good except to make him angrier. I buried my face in the blanket and
fought to not start crying like a big baby. I heard him hawk a big wad of
spit and let it free animal teen porn drop onto his dick. teen tietan porn I knew what was going to happen next
but my ass was clenched up so much from the fear that I teen anal squirting porn
prematurely. "You're gonna like this, aren't you, Kurt? Yeah, I the teen titans porn
you're gonna like my dick in your ass." He said my name with such disgust.
I heard him spit onto his dick again and lube himself up with his hand,
then he stuck a finger in his mouth to get teen shower sex it wet.
I felt his finger pressing sex teen creampies
against my asshole and I winced again.
He shoved teen internet porn models
it up my ass. under teen porn There was a temporary bit of pain and I couldn't
help whimpering for that one moment. Then he started playing around with
my ass in an almost sadistic way, with two, then three fingers, each of
them too soon, twisting them around and thrusting them deep intome.
Thankfully I was able to relax the muscles a little bit. I knew it tit teen porn tgp was for
my own good to teen porn torrent do so. It was kind of him, I suppose, to teen anal movies
loosen me up like
that, but then again, I imagine he was more butler teen porn concerned with being able to
get his dick in my ass at all than he was with my teen sex tips comfort. Once he could
feel that my ass was more ready for him he pulled out, spit again, and
pressed the head of his big cock against my hole. "Here petet teen porn we go," I thought
to myself and closed my eyes tight. He leaned over and whispered in my
ear, "you ready for my dick, faggot?" I didn't answer him. He slowly
worked his dick into my ass.
I had never felt pain quite like that before and I started to
almost yell. He stopped, but only to cover hardcore teen porn mpegs my mouth with his hand.
Panting through my nose, I gradually got used to his size and he released
his grip on my face as my ass released its grip on him. "Mmm, you are so
tight, baby," he murmured mockingly into my ear. Then he leaned back,
grabbed hold of my shoulders tightly with both hands, and started slowly
thrusting. After the pain subsided, I was forced to concentrate on the
sensation of having this jock's dick inside me and it occurred to me that
my own young teen porn index dick was getting hard again. I hated the fact that I was enjoying
it, but I couldn't help myself. He was increasing teen horney porn his speed steadily and
as I got into his rhythm, I started thrusting my ass back onto him. He
laughed a little bit and taunted me, "Yeah, you do like it, don't you?" I
spread my knees open more and arched my back so he could fuck me deeper.
With one hand manga teen porn
he rubbed my chest and started pinching my left nipple, and
with the other one he grabbed my shoulder from underneath. "You like my
dick in your ass," he whispered in my ear nastily and I thought I would cum
without fat teen porn gallery
even touching myself. "Mmm, mmm-hmm," I mumbled.
"Say it. Tell me how much you like this dick."
"I like it. teen titan porn (raven)
I like your dick."
"Tell me how bad you want it."
"I want it so bad." Then all of a sudden, with just the tip of his
cock feen teen porn still in my ass, he stopped fucking me. I tried to push back to get
more of it, but he wouldn't let me, he would pull away, too. "You want me
to fuck your ass?"
"Say it."
"Fuck my ass."
"Come on, ya little slut. You can do better than that."
"Please, Matt, fuck me hard. I need it. Give me that big cock,
please," gay male teen porn flattery couldn't hurt and I risked looking over my shoulder at
him to plead, "please?" I could feel his sweat dripping onto my back.
"Please! Matt." I was whining now. He finally gave in and started again,
fucking my ass really hard this time, slamming it all the way in. I arched
my back even more for him. I loved the feeling of his balls slapping
against mine as he fucked me. His ramming into me made my own dick slap me
in the stomach. I was so surprised that, almost as a reward for giving teen pale porn
my virgin ass, he leaned onto me as he slowed down his thrusting and kissed
the side of my neck. He started sucking on my neck right under my ear and
I moaned. I wasn't scared of him after that. I almost wanted to piss him
off a little more if this was going to be my "punishment," but I
reconsidered. He reached up and took firm hold of my throat like he wanted
to strangle me, and with his other hand reached down and took hold of my
dick, which surprised me even more. "Your dick feels so hot, Matt, every
inch of it," I told him and he kissed my neck again, this time nibbling on
my ear for a second.
The feeling of this stud sliding in and out of me while stroking my
dick, combined with his sweaty chest rubbing against my back, I think were
what finally did me in. I dropped all my weight onto the bed and closed my
eyes, "I'm going to cum," I said asian teen nude pics
in between heavy breaths, "oh, God, I'm
cumming." I was grunting loudly hot sexy nude teens enough to maybe put us in danger of being
heard but the jock was turning me on so bad I was acting like some kind of
animal, grinding my butt up against him. I gripped the blanket with both
hands and I came so hard, it seemed to last a full minute. When I came, my
ass clenched up real tight around Matt's dick the best teen porn which teen gay fucking sent him over the edge.
I felt him start to shake and then his cock pulsing inside me. He let out
this sort of quick groan and gasped everytime he shot another spurt into my
ass. There was something so satisfying about feeling him cum inside me.
Although I realize, now that I'm older, that that was incredibly stupid to
be unprotected like that, I really liked it at the time.
We both dropped onto the floor next to each other to catch our
breath. I couldn't help but hot teen pussy
giggle to myself, reveling in a post-orgasm
high, until I looked over at Matt. He had his hands over his face and was
obviously really hott teen porn
bothered by the whole thing. I was like, "oh great, now
he's going to completely freak out." I started to feel like gay teens video
a piece of
garbage and was even considering getting dressed and leaving the room teen tit and ass for
an hour or two, and then suddenly nude teen thumbs he shook it off, grinned to himself, and
reached over and put his arm around me. It was the most amazing moment.
We laid like that for about ten minutes, enjoying the skin and kissing
some, but then we realized the floor was extremely uncomfortable and went
to our respective beds. A couple of weeks later we sort free sex teen galleries of fooled around a
little bit but it wasn't as exciting as the first free shaved teen porn
time had been, and then a
month or so after that Matt's parents moved out of state, took Matt with
them, chubby teen porn photos and I never heard from him again. From time to time, true teen porn pics
I still put on
his girl teen sex porn sweaty jock-strap, though, and jerk-off hard.
Please contact me with comments at spamkingsaol.com...put "Your Story" in
the subject box or I'm likely to just delete your letter. If you liked
this, then just you wait for the next story, probably titled "Robbery," or
something similar, it's going to fuck you UP!

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