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From: Bill Drake
Subject: Horny Dad Tales #12 Midlife preteen parenting CrisisHorny Dad Tales
Bill Drake (billdrakehotmail.com)
The usual disclaimers apply: for adult readers only. Contains graphic
depictions of sexual activity between men, some of whom are related.
More dad-son shenanigans. new preteens links The series has gotten a lot of great feedback, so
thanks preteen sex foto to those readers out there who've taken a moment to write. Send
those comments and story suggestions along: billdrakehotmail.com. Check
out all of my stories at my Yahoo group:
Horny Dad Tales # 12
Mid-Life Crisis
John Dreyton sat alone in a midtown coffee shop. He should consider himself
lucky. Pushing 45, the tall, handsome man had everything. Good, solid
family early preteen life, good health, and success in his career an airline pilot. This
New York trip had been his kids' idea. Dreyton had been to the city many of
times, but for the Texas family the place was exotic and exciting.Normally John was happy when a family vacation went well. Not this
time. He'd sent his wife and teenage son and daughter off to go shopping
while he warmed the seat here people watching and fretting. Maybe he didn't
have the energy he used to have, he reasoned, but then shook his head. Nah,
that wasn't it and John knew it.John was horny. Ready to fuck anything that moves kind of horny. The sex
life of his marriage was no longer heated, and sharing the hotel room with
the kids meant the man had not so much as jerked off in days. Yes, that was
it. That was the reason John Dreyton began having those thoughts again -
that curiosity again.He felt like someone was reading his mind. A kid on the other side of the
window, hands in his pocket looking in. Maybe "kid" wasn't the right word,
but he was definitely in high school and definitely a football
player. Everything was a giveaway: the smooth skin, the preteen model russian recently bulked up
gym muscles, the letter jacket. He looked and acted like a typical high
school jock, except the way he stood and stared right into John's eyes. It
unsettled the married man, but entranced him too. What the hell was going
on?To dispel the tension, John nodded in acknowledgment. The young man blushed
and shuffled on his way. John couldn't korea preteen girls help but notice a fine, round ass
trapped in the guy's jeans. Even jocks weren't built like that when he was
that age.Oh well, time to rejoin the family, he thought, checking his watch and
tossing his long-empty cup into the trash. He'd left the shop and was
halfway down the block when he saw him again. The kid. The boy's letter
jacket was open and John took a second to admire the teen musculature
fitted into a heather-gray T-shirt. He could see the boy's nipples on top
of large full pectoral muscles. He just knew there wasn't yet a single hair
on that stud's chest. Then John noticed that boy seemed nervous was still
staring right at him."Hi," John said preteen babies xxx approaching the teen. "Do we know each other?"The boy shook fucking preteen sluts
his head. "No, sir. I was just trying to get up the nerve."John didn't understand. "For what?""I wanted to ask.... wanted to ask you where a preteen forum nonnude guy can go to get laid."John had to laugh, which made the kid laugh, too."You wanna get laid, huh?"The boy still laughed, his nervousness melting a little in the absurdity preteen naked pretty
the situation. "Yeah.""What made you ask me?" John was amused. This would definitely be a story
to tell his poker buddies.The young man shuffled his feet and hesitated. "Well, sir. Don't take
offense, but I heard there were lots of men in New York. Guys who got off
on other brazil nude preteen men....""Fuck," John muttered. The kid's green preteens photos tiny eyes were boring into his own. Like
they preteen anal girls
could read his soul. His secrets. Then, gathering his senses, he said,
slowly, softly. "What makes you think...?""Sorry, sir. I don't know what made me think. I guess I'd heard half the
city is gay. I'm from a small town in Ohio nude illegal preteen and sometimes I feel like I'm
the only one."Jesus, here was the perfect high school jock admitting he hot preteen sexy
was gay to a
complete stranger. "Don't worry you're not," he reassured the boy. "I'm not
gay," he added quickly, "but, well... sometimes I've had thoughts."The kid's eyes lit up. "Yeah?""Yeah. I don't model onmousedown preteen know why I'm telling you this, but they've been coming to me
a lot more lately.""It's all I can think about."John knew he was stepping up to a line, maybe over it but he couldn't help
himself. "Anything in particular you think about?"The kid blushed again, his cheeks red with embarrassment. "Head. I wanna
feel what a blowjob feels like." Then, working up his nerve, he added,
"I've dreamed nubile preteen movies of having a hot guy like you on his knees sucking me off."The two stood there for a minute, staring preteen underage phpbb
at each other silently, feeling
the tension rise. Finally John pulled out his phone and speed preteen hot crazy dialed."Honey? Hi. I'm feeling a little tired for some reason and was thinking of
going back to the room to catch a nap. No, that's fine. You guys take as
long as you like. Yeah, sure. All right, later."The art nude preteens boy looked at John with a quizzical look. "Fuck. Are you married?"If Dreyton noticed preteen se
the impropriety of the situation he didn't let
on. "Yeah. And I just bought about an hour's time. You coming with me?"The boy nodded, unable to believe his fortune.Once inside the hotel room, the football player took charge, stepping up to
the hunky pilot and grabbing his head for a deep pubescent preteen pussy kiss. Both men were tall
and built, and the sexual tension flowed through them like
electricity. "Goddaamn, sir," the younger man said before charging forth
again. The boy's eagerness knocked him against the wall, but the force and
possession turned John on. It was like that one time during his years at
Air Force Academy.Now the boy's kisses were showering his neck, sending tgp preteen webcam goosebumps along his
body. Eager hands were now slipping under his sweater, attacking the
buttons on his shirt. Soon warm fingers were exploring his flesh.They paused to strip angel preteen free John down to a bare, hairy chest. The young man's
hands ran up and down along the furry softness. "Nice," he hissed. As his
fingers brushed John's nipples, the older man took in a breath of air and
groaned. "You're old enough to be my dad."That made Dreyton gulp. What had he gotten himself into? youn preteen girls "I got a son,
actually," he replied softly. "About your age."That made the kid smile. "Yeah? You wanna suck some son cock today?" As he
spoke he reached down and pulled his zipper down, exposing a mound in his
briefs. Quickly, he snapped the elastic open and down over his prick.John had to gasp. The boy wasn't showing a record-breaker of a cock, but
for a high school kid he sure had a stick on him. Thick, heavy
seven-and-a-half incher capped with a succulent head. The kid was dripping
like crazy."Suck me, sir. Get down there and eat my dick."The kid was really taking charge now, but John didn't resist. He
couldn't. This was his jerkoff dream come to life. He'd suck this horny
kid, all right.Almost as if out europes preteens sex asian preteen dvd
of body he felt hentai flowers preteens himself falling til his knees hit the
carpeted floor. The kid's cock felt hard and firm against his face, against
his lips."Oh yeah," the boy muttered as the older man preteen isabell model opened up his mouth and sucked
him in. He'd dreamed of this BJ for so long. Deeper his dick pushed into
the man's hot, wet mouth. And the man just adjusted the angle of his stoop
and let the lance bore deep into his throat. The kid's preteen modeller
peach-fuzzed nuts
tickled up against his chin.The football jock held still then pulled back. He watched the man eat his
cock, then back off, then swallow him again. "Holy fuck, suck me,
man. That's it. Nice, tight blowjob. Just what I've been dreaming of
man. Hot married guy sucking me off.""Ummph," John moaned, the kid's dirty talk egging him on now. His prick
was harder than steel in his pants."Hot fucking daddy gonna suck me off."It was so nasty but the two strangers were going at it, John scarfing down
prick, the kid fucking face ninety miles and hour. Til all of a sudden,
John's mouth was filled with the teen's semen, lots of it, filling his
craw, choking him.Quickly he jerked his head off the spouting prick and coughed. Jism flowed
out of his mouth and down his chin as more sperm launched on to his face to
join their brothers. The kid wasn't lying when he'd said he needed a
lay. The stuff kept pouring out of him. Finally, the cock lost its iron
rigidity and fell flat against the bridge of John's nose, still leaking out
its ooze."Damn," the kid swore. "Thanks for that, man."The older man did the best he amatuer preteen photos
could to regain his composure, getting to his
feet and wipping off the spittle and come from his mouth and chin with his
forearm. "Sure thing. Man," he observed, "you shoot off big.""I'm afraid you're witness to my biggest load by far. It was such a turnon
watching you go down on me. Goddamn, you're hot." Again, his hands felt all
over John's hairy torso, making the older man arch his back in horniness."What? You ticklish?""Nah. I didn't get off. Feel like I'm gonna explode the way you touch me.""Why don't we strip down? Get on the bed?"John didn't need an invitation. Soon his pants and underwear were off and
his throbbing adult cock raged at a stiff angle. It jumped at the boy's
appreciative touch. The two men fell onto the bed and made out, rubbing
their flesh against flesh, cock against cock. Soon the player's hands were
kneading and caressing John's hairy ass. "I wanna fuck you, man.""I don't know.""Come on. Who knows when I'll get another chance like this? It's preteen ilegal models my first
time out, man, aren't you gonna show me the full score?"How did a guy that age get such persuasive powers? John preteen private gallery was going to reply
that it was his first time as well, at least for this. He and his Air Force
buddies had never gone beyond trading suck jobs. He was going to tell the
kid he wasn't ready to lose his cherry. Instead he nodded his assent.The boy jumped up excited and bounced over to his huge cock preteen
discarded jeans, pulling
out a lube packet from his pocket. He'd obviously come prepared. Ripping
the foil open with his teeth, he squirted the thick liquid over his
pulsing, large cock. "Boy, o, boy," he growled, free sexy preteen looking at John's reclining
body the whole time. There it was again, that hungry stare.Just as quickly as he had bounded up, he returned to his spot between the
man's legs, parting them, lifting them, nestling his own cock into
place. Then pushing.John grunted. He thought he'd little preteens gallery pass out from the pain. But the kid held
still, holding that heavy dick right there two inches inside his rectum,
til he got used to it. He did get used to it. Soon the stabbing pain was
merely swedish preteens a dull ache, a fullness. John nodded. The pretty hot preteens kid smiled and fucked more
rigid meat into the man. A few more inches slipped in."I wish my dad was as hot as you."John wanted to tell the kid to shut up. Not to talk like that. It was
wrong, he knew, but what made him give in was the way the boy's words went
straight to John's youngest art preteen
cock, sending lust-filled jolts down its length. As the
boy lifted the pilot's calves onto his burly shoulders, the older man's
cock thwacked up toples preteen pictures and down onto the hairy abdomen. Combined with the deeper
penetration it felt so right."You ever think of your son fucking you?" His own cock fucking in and out
steadily into the receptive older male. The boy looked down on him,
possessive, urgent, in control. With a look that made John answer
immediately."Not til now."That made the kid smile proudly. "You shouldn't hold out on him. Not with
an ass this tight.""Oh fuck." The feelings of pleasure were flooding John's nerves and short
circuiting his brain. "Fuck me." Then going for it: "Fuck me, son"The smile on the kid could blind amateur preteen underwear you. "Yeah, dad. I'm in video angels preteen you all the
way. Feel my dick drilling you, old man?""God, yes. That's my boy. Fuck your dad off. You almost got me there, you
know.""Cum for me, dad. Come with your boy's dick deep inside you."That did it. John preteens nudist picture couldn't speak. That prick wedged into his chute preteen model jenna seemed
to dominate him. He could only grunt and grip the pre teen top100 sheets as jet after jet
of taboo preteenie lust his married preteen videos models
dad cum spurted high and wide."Beautiful, man," the kid said as he watched the dad orgasm then he picked
up the pace naked preteen pussypic til he was close behind . He bent his head naked ukraine preteens forward and bit his
lip as his prick jerked and sprayed a full wad pretty preteen blacks deep inside the man. Pretty
good for his second nut of the afternoon.The two caught their breath then connected for a brief kiss.The boy pulled out and sat back on his haunches, pre teens bras a postcoital smile beaming
through.John let his legs down and stretched out the cramps. bbs sun preteens He was tempted to feel
his battered hole, but thought better of it. "They're going to be back
soon. You better get going.""Yeah," the kid replied, getting up and picking up his clothes. "Coach preteen plump models is
probably looking for me by now." As he tucked in and was chillporn preteen ready preteen image bbs to open the
door, underaged preteen models he turned back. "I'll probably get benched for wandering off like I
did today, but it was worth it. Thanks man, I'm gonna dream about you.""You, too, kid."
*****John told himself the incident was a one-time private naked preteen
deal. That it latina nude preteen had satisfied
his curiosity. He felt a little guilty. For cheating on his wife. For
sneaking around his family like that. For caving in to the desire for gay
sex. For getting fucked. Truth be told, John wasn't sure why he felt
guilty. He felt oddly relieved that the incident had taken place with a
complete stranger. No complications, no strings, no worries about awkward
encounters or worse getting caught.Now he was edging up to that invisible line again. Playing a game he
shouldn't be playing. Not with his son's best friend.But it was the weekend: his daughter was away on a school band trip, and
Helen had gone with them as chaperone. While he was wrapping up at the
office his son Dave had called to ask if Kevin Murphy could stay over for
the night. Like so many times.And preteen vaginas picture
like so many times, as John said yes, his prick firmed up into a solid
mass in his trousers. He tried to get the thoughts out of his pretty preteen babes head. A long
run after work and a cold shower did little though. Slipping preteen art banned on a pair of
shorts, caught preteen thumbs
he couldn't help himself. Bare-chested, he walked into the den
where Dave and Kevin were playing video games. "I'm calling it an evening
fellas," he announced. "Don't stay up too late.""We won't Dad," Dave called out without taking his eyes off the screen.Kevin on the other hand looked free preteens jpegs up with a look that could only preteen bikini modellewis be described
as appreciative. Damn if the boy wasn't staring at John's hairy chest. When
his eyes traveled free tgp preteens up to John's face Kevin bit his lip as if to pink preteen portals control some
thought. "Thanks for letting me stay over, Mr. Dreyton."John felt a familiar sensation shiver through his body. Right there in
front of his son's friend, preteen teenager his nipples were growing erect, poking up from
his fur in nice pink-brown nubs. "Sure thing." He didn't know what else to
say, so stood silent. But he couldn't turn away. Not preteens picks
with the preteen jail bait boy looking
at him like naked nude preteen that. Staring at him. Just like that kid in New York.It made John bone up. He couldn't help it. His rod started lengthening
beneath his shorts, pushing to the side and finally into pre teen babes an upright
position. Kevin looked down and noticed. He smiled and winked.Immediately, John blushed red in the face and turned away to flee the
room. By the time he got to his bedroom he was almost
hyperventilating. Where was his self control? Then again, why was Kevin
staring at him like that - unless...He stripped movie preteen shocking
down and got into bed. Reaching into his bedside table he
pulled out the trusty lubricant, squirting some into his hand. This
wouldn't take long. A few good pulls on his erection was all it took. The
convulsions started from his toes and travelled up. When John came to his
senses his muscular, hairy chest was criss-crossed with heavy white ropes
of come.He wiped off, turned off the light, and soon was drifting into a deep
slumber.It was a voice that awoke preteen gangbang pics
him. A whisper. "Mr. Dreyton? You up?"It stirred John from his sleep. He groaned and lifted his head, adjusting
to the dim light coming through the doorway from the hall. It took him a
second to recognize the form of the person standing there, but there he
was. Kevin Murphy. Not wearing a stitch of clothing. Instantly John wish he
could see the kid's cock better, but it preteen dark list was too dark. He could definitely
make out the silhouette of the gridiron musculature and tall, beefy
frame. Kevin could be a body double for the jock he'd hooked up with in New
York."Come in," he croaked in his sleepy voice."I'm horny, Mr. Dreyton." The boy's hand was now at his groin, stroking his
rod as he stepped deeper into his best friend's father's bedroom. "It was
really hot watching you earlier tonight."John felt he should speak, but he couldn't find the words. He just watched,
transfixed, as preteen feet photos Kevin's body got closer, approached the bed. The Murphy boy
paused a second as if he were contemplating his actions, then he knelt up
on the bed. Straddled John's chest.If the older man hadn't been able to see the teen prick earlier, he was
able to feel it firsthand now. Pressing up against his face. Kevin Murphy
was a big boy, all right. Long rod, and thick too. Dead ringer for the New
York kid. And just as horny, too."Suck me, Mr. D," he whispered, but already he was pushing his cockhead in
between John's lips, thrusting his dripping teen jock meat into the man's
mouth. Giving John what he needed but was too afraid to ask for. He didn't
even wait for John to do the swallowing. From the start he took charge by
shoving the rod into the warm, wet oral cavity."Aw yeah," he hissed, his hips barely able to restrain themselves in their
facefuck.The second the boy's balls mashed against his chin, John knew it had been
hopeless to resist his desires. He wanted this, needed preteen ebony picture this. His asian porno preteensjapan girl preteen whole body
shuddered and his cock jumped as he realized that the bbs preteen vombats New York fuck was
just the start.Kevin wasn't wasting time now. WIth athletic prowess he held Mr. Dreyton's
head firmly in place while his butt clenched in rhythm to piston his hard
cock in and out of that wonderful mouth. It wasn't his first blow job, but
John's throat was by far the most receptive and eager he'd felt. It felt
magnificent against his dick."Fuck, Mr. preteen bbs preteen D. I wanna come so bad."The words triggered something in John. He reached up and grabbed the kids'
hips. Stopping him. Pushing him off. The boy's dick made a plop as it left
the suction of his nymphet preteenmodels com mouth."Hold on there," he urged as he sucked in a deep breath. "I want this load
somewhere else. I want you to fuck panties preteen pics me, Kevin.""Damn," the athlete hissed."You like the idea?" preteen child links
John laughed, more than a little anticipation in his
voice."Hell, yeah."Wriggling a little from beneath the boy's legs, John reached over for the
lube. ing preteen girls
A couple of squirts and the Murphy boy was slick enough to bore past
the tightest, most virginal asshole.The boy ready, John flipped over on his stomach. Spread his legs. It took
only two seconds preteens almost nude
before he felt his son's friend in place. Hard cock rigid
and impatient. He couldn't blame Kevin for not knowing the finer points of
foreplay, but he had to wince a little as the teen dick jabbed its entry
way into his body.He was going to tell the kid to go easy, but the delighted growls in his
ear as the boy sank all the way in checked him. "Oh fuck, Mr. D! You're so
motherfucking tight. Aw damn, I'm fucking you, man."And he was. Fucking John fast and deep. The kid's enthusiasm made the
discomfort worthwhile. More than that, it turned John on. His boy Dave's
best bud was fucking him and loving it. John stopped biting the pillow and
raised his head to let out his own moans of pleasure. Kevin began attacking
the side of John's neck with passionate kisses, all the while going to town
on the man's bucking ass. magazine preteens models If the Murphy boy kept this up, that cock buried
in him was gonna punch out a imgboard erotica preteen preteen pussy hair
good load straight from his prostate.But John wasn't quite there when he heard Kevin choke back deep grunts. The
man knew his innards were getting spermed with one horny teen's spunk. John
reached down to see if he could jerk his load out while the hard meat was
still lodged in his rectum, but unfortunately Kevin was already withdrawing
his spent cock. Disappointed, John started to turn over on his back,
resigned to a solo jo.Only a hand stopped him. Pushed him down into the mattress while the teen
body stretched out again on top of his mature built frame. Then the hard
cock boring back into the loosened, hungry male opening. John couldn't
believe Kevin was fucking him twice in a row. If beautiful black preteens anything Murphy's jock
dick felt harder and longer the preteens pixs second time around.Again, lips were attacking his neck, his nape, his ear lobe. "Damn, Dad,
Kevin said you were putting the preteens nude foto
moves on him, but I didn't believe it."Shit! It was Dave fucking him now. His own son's cock was drilling him.
John didn't even have touch his prick. The very thought sent 14 preteen creampies the married
father into a deep orgasm, spraying the bed sheeting in hot, white liquid
shrapnel.When he came to, preteens softcore nude Dave was fucking away at his upturned, hairy ass, the son
now model preteens legal ready to get his nut. John felt slick and preteen terra abused in his hole, but he
wanted this. Wanted his topless preteen galaries boy Dave's seed. "Come on," he quietly urged."That's it, Dave," Kevin urged. "Fuck your dad. preteen nonude amateur
Damn this preteen model outfits
is hot."Dave gripped his father's meaty cheeks tightly and pulled his old man up
onto all fours. In the climax of passion he wanted to possess his dad
fully. He held on for dear life as his son prick jerked and seized inside
his father's asschute. Very soon his sperm was spouting deep to join his
buddy's.The thought underground porn preteen that his son was ejaculating into him drove John crazy with
lust. He jerked his cock feverishly, coaxing himself gay boys preteen toward a second
orgasm, hoping to shoot before Dave withdrew. This time he made it.
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