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Meant For One Another 10
For One another
note to readers. This
story will not contain a quick plot full of vlad model gallery
fast hot sex, although
there will be plenty of action built into the plot, if that latina super models is what
you are looking for, I suggest you look to a different story. I as
always welcome you the readers’ comment’s and opinions on
my work, although please no flames, they will be ignored... Comments
can be sent to top kid models Haggis7412aol.com
I hope you enjoy the
: This story is a pure work of fiction. Any resemblance to real
people, or evens is purely coincidental. If it is illegal, or you are
under age to be reading this in your city, state, province or
country, stop now, little models picture click the back arrow and find something else to be
doing, or take a stand against society and read on.
help keep Nifty free, and modeling teen plus donate to the website. Information on how
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of Relevant Characters:
– Main Character
– Co-Main Character
– Mike's girl friend
– Mikes nrw teen models mother
– Andrew's mother
– Mike's father
– Sara's mother
– Sara's father
– Mike's younger brother
– The responding police officer
model printing DCS Counselor
– Lead Detective investigating Mike's case
– Frank's partner
– Best Friend
in Part 9: Mike and Andrew looked at each other in a state of
amazement as she left.
did she think?” Mike asked
guess she did” Andrew said laughing, then continued “And
she just gave us permission to do it in the house!” He roared
laughing even louder
Headquarters: Nicole walked into the front office, and told
the desk sergeant who she was. He instructed her to take a seat, and
someone would be right with her.
picked up the phone at his desk.
is Frank” He said in a very faked deep voice
Brad here.. you won't believe who is here to see you. It's that models young boys kids
mother, Nicole, she has the kid with her too.”
be right down there, don't let her leave...” Frank instructed
then picked christina model com up the phone, rummaged through the mess of paperwork and
pulling out the card Ryan had given the day before he dialed the
number to Ryan's cell.
Frank here. Mike's mother Nicole just walked into the Asain 3d model
station. I need
you here asap”
just passed the station on the way back from the hospital, I'll be
there in less than five...” Ryan said, not waiting for an
answer he hung up.
looked at Larry, who had heard everything, and was getting up and
putting on his sports jacket preparing to go down to the front
they approached Nicole and Marty, identifying themselves as the
investigating officers. ftv models
They took her to interview room number 7,
offered her something to drink had one of the female officers take
Marty so they could talk to her. Ryan walked in, just as Marty become pantyhose model
leaving the room. Ryan checked in, and found out where Frank and
Nicole were, and realized that the little boy that he had seen just a
second ago was Marty, Mike's little brother. As Ryan headed to the
interview room, top models nudes Larry stepped out, and met him near the door.
you talked with her any yet?” Ryan inquired
yet, we are pretten pics models still getting set up... What is the DCS stand point on
this?” Larry asked
sure yet, we need to see teen fasion modeling what part she had in all this, and where she
has been all this time. Also, we need to confirm everything that Mike
has claimed, and see what her different teen model
story is... At the least we have a
battered wife problem, but I think it goes deeper than that. We're
realistically looking at charges of neglect, child endangerment. But,
lets see what she has Hot model babes
to say before we jump to any of those
that, Ryan and Larry joined panty model com
Frank in the interview room, and the
questions began.
at the school: dirty bikini models It was mid morning, and Sara natalie summerlin model could not
concentrate on the stupid book they were 12yo thong model making her read in English.
All she could think of was what she had seen the day before at the
ICU room. The more she thought about it, the more it made sense. She
had barely seen Mike in the last week or so, and before that, she
hardly saw him apart from at school. He barely tween schoolgirl models
ever wanted to kiss
her, youth fashion models
she always chased him. It was definitely starting to look weird
to her. She had enjoyed the chase, wanted him bad enough that she
wanted to chase him. Right in the middle of her lesson, she put her
book in her school bag, got up and left before the teacher could even
say a word anschutz model 1770
to ask her where she thought she was going. Sara of course
was heading to the hospital. The old hag at the front office tried to
ask her if she had a hall pass as she went by heading for the main
parking lot, nude models 14
but Sara just held up her hand on the christina model store way by and did not
even zora teen model look at her as she cruised by. Normally that kind of burn would
have warranted at least a 'nice burn' thought in her head, but
today she was focused on getting to the hospital.
hour later, Sara, rather sweaty from the rather long walk she just
took, could see the hospital coming into view. She thanked god, or
who ever it was the prreteen modeling art at put austria girl models the thought into her head to wear her Vans
today, and not something a little more exotic that would have totally
killed her feet.
Room 239: Mike had been moved, and Andrew was still in the
same spot, just a different room. Sara walked in, and this time was
not surprised to see Mike holding Andrew's hand.
guess I don't really need to ask now do I?” She said, sounding
half defeated, in fact almost whispering it.
am so sorry Sara... Teen role model but yeah, I guess you don't....”
Mike said squeezing Andrew's hand, as if finally accepting Andrew as
his official love for the bikini modele ro first time.
really am sorry Sara, I child model vieos do love you... but I can never love you the
way you want to be loved... I love you as much as I can without... I
don't know... like... a friend can” Mike was struggling to get
his point across, he really wasn't sure what his point really was.
know....” Sara said, softly, and raised her head to look at the
two of them “Are you sure about this?” She added
never been more sure 'bout anything... known for years, just wasn't
strong enough to actually be who I am until now” Mike told her.
She said, now turning and heading back out the door.
yelled, then winced as the extended movement in bathory model kit his face stretched
the cuts on his lips and nose
stopped, turned and popped her head back in the doorway “Yes?”
She said sarcastically, anger starting to taint her voice.
don't make this ugly Sara, it doesn't have to be like this”
Mike pleaded
you should have thought about teenage gothic models
that before you led me along for all
these years.. shouldn't you?” Sara sneered at him.. then.. to
make it even worse added “ known for years, just wasn't strong
enough to actually glamor model teen
be who I am until now” glared at him and
stomped off.
flew out of his chair, and zipped out the door and down the hall,
catching up with, links teen model
and actually startling Sara as he csm super model got in front of
her, stopping her dead in her tracks. Sara, not wanting to give in so
easy tried to side step around Andrew, but he just matched her moves,
not giving up and inch of ground.
need to think about nn exotic model this seashore model Sara, think really hard. You can make the
best of this, or you arabic models nude can try to totally ruin our rep's at school.
Either way, Mike and I are going to be together. You can be a part of
it, or you can be part the problem. The choice is yours... All I can
tell you is that he really cares about you, and it would kill him to
see you hate him... like you do right now.”
you done?” Sara young pubescent models barked.. “Can I go now Dr. fucking Phil?”
She added
that, Andrew stepped aside and let her pass. He really wanted to
argue the point with her, but he said his piece, and knew that agency child modeling
saying words to win was not always the best path to take. His words
were said, and hopefully her anger will pass, and she will not make
things hard for them at school, and in their social circles.
headed out fat ass models
of the hospital teen models myusenet
half angry, half she did not know what as
she contemplated what Andrew had said. Andrew headed back to the
room, and Mike was sitting there, eyes glazed teen model mouse
and Andrew could tell
that ptolemy's solar model the whole thing was getting to be too much for poor Mike to
handle. Andrew sat facing Mike on the edge of the bed, and comforted
him with a gentle hug. Mike let a few sobs australian lingerie models out, trying to stifle them
as astro girl model he did so. Andrew squeezed him tighter with each sob, telling him
'let it out hun' with model jenny teen each one. Pretty jessimodel pic
soon, Mike was done and
Andrew was wiping his tears away with a tissue and drying his face.
Andrew actually enjoyed the whole babying Mike thing, which he really
didn't think he would young models masterbating until now. He had never thought about the other
things involved in loving someone until these last few days. It all
seemed so superficial until now. Like, you see someone, they are hot,
you like talking to them and you want to make out with them. Then,
when you actually get there, and have them in your arms reality sets
in. In this case, Andrew knows he would put himself between any harm
and his love.
on the other hand, was totally humiliated by his break down in front
of the boy he loved. He wished he could bottle up his emotions like
he had for years, but the love he was feeling from Andrew, and the
events that had all snow balled around him were causing him to find
it hard to contain his emotions. He was glad that Andrew topless teenmodel was not
bothered by the crying, and in fact encouraged it made it somewhat
easier to teenie models lingerie deal with, but he still did not like crying. Mike was for
the most part a jock, and so was Andrew so the crying thing was new
for both of them. Mike decided to try and make light conversation, to
take the tension out of the air. The sexy camisoles models chosen topic was one that really
should have been handled a long time ago. Joe, the friend on cam back
on that first night in Andrew's room.
as the subject came up, Mike's new doctor came in, and asked Andrew
to step out for a second venus swimwear models while he checked Mike over. Andrew thought
to himself 'good timing..' as he stepped out. The doctor
looked over Mikes' facial injuries and then his neck, had him do a
few breathing exercises and took a look in his throat, and told him
he would be released as soon as DCS was notified and could sign him
out. Mike was now nervous, the moment was coming, and reality was
sinking in. He would not be going home to his house, probably ever
again. He was going into the system, the one he had heard about.
Nothing but nightmare stories were told about kids in foster homes
and state homes, and the fact that he was beaten at home was no
longer on his mind. The doctor left, saying it should not be too long
before DCS were there to pick him up.
came back in the room, and Mike could not look him in the face. Mike
was feeling so many emotions right now, and they were all bad. On top
of the sudden realization he would never see his family again, and
that his actions put his step dad in hospital (Which he knew he
should not feel bad for, but did none the less) he felt bad because
he knew nudelivecamsexymodels that his feelings would hurt litle child model
Andrew. Andrew stepped up,
thinking something was wrong medically, and took Mikes' hand.
is it hun?” Andrew asked softly, with a concerned tone in his
Mike amateur teen models
replied, still not looking up at Andrew
me...” Andrew said, raising his voice just slightly little hannah model louder than
before, with an understanding tone to it.
can't... its nothing really... Just stupid thoughts... forget it”
Mike said, slightly irritated
backed off, not wanting to argue, not with Mike. He would find out
eventually, he knew. Andrew had always been good at handling people,
and knew that there was no boeing b314 model way he would find out right now without a
verbal fight. Instead, he sat down, and little eve model
asked what the doctor had
told him. Mike relaxed, and told him 6yo gril models it would not be long now and
they would be leaving.
cell phone: Ryan's cell rang, he had just left the police
station. 'God who is it now... will it ever stop ringing?' . He had
not even made it in to the office today.
is Ryan” He said, answering the phone
was the social worker at the hospital, she had been notified that
Mike was now ready to be collected by DCS, and was passing it on. '
Great..' Ryan thought, hanging up, and doing a U turn. Back to the
hospital he went. He pulled over, and looked up Andrew's mothers
number in child model nice the paperwork he had on her application for temporary
custody. He called her at baby vagina models work, and arranged to meet her outside
Mikes' house in an hour. They had to meet there to collect all of
Mikes' things. After that, he called Frank, and asked if either teenmodels ls he or
his partner Larry could meet them there to make things legal for
entering the house. It was agreed, and Ryan had all the bases
covered. On to the hospital.
house, 1 hour later: Everyone young gymnasts models
walked out of the house
carrying something, Mike had two suitcases fully of clothes, Andrew
had 4 plastic grocery bags, all full of clothes also. Both detectives
were carrying an assortment of items, boxed up from music CD's to PS2
games to school books etc. Ryan and Jessica were both carrying
similar boxes and putting them in Jessica's vehicle. There was at
least one more trip for them all, and Mike's bedroom would be cleaned
out completely. They had decided at the last minute to actually
dismantle Mike's bed, and take that too, to make things 'look' better
for any further checking up done by other departments and also others
from lollita models pics Ryan's office.
few of the neighbors were out in front of the house next door,
watching. That really annoyed Mike, knowing them personally, and
knowing how they all loved to be in peoples business. They all
pretended to care, but if they really did, he thought the least they
could do is come over and ask if he was alright. In anger, he
suddenly turned toward the 4 women standing near the end of the drive
next door.
you vultures have some soap opera's to watch? Surely Days Of Our
Lives is on or something!” He yelled at alex jack model them, spit flying from
his mouth is his anger.
stepped over, grabbing him by the shoulders and walking him in haste
back into the house as the old women started chuntering amongst
themselves at his models nude 10yo
outburst. Larry and Frank slid by them on the
stairs bringing down parts of the bed. They were just about finished
here, and Mike would soon be unpacking all his things at Andrews'
house. That warmed him somewhat. Returning to the house had done his
worries some good. Being there reminded him of the horror he had
called his life, teens models nonude
and leaving wasn't such a hard thing anymore.
bedroom 2 hours later: Andrew had finished helping Mike put
his bed together, they had decided to put them side by side in the
corner of the room, with a small walk way between the two. They also
planned to push them together at night, and have a huge bed. Mikes'
bed was a double, as was vlad model rapidshare
beautiful kids models Andrews'. Really they only needed the one,
but they decided ' hell it would model a seats
be awesome to have model gallerey a huge giant bed
to kid international model
fool 14 models around on'. models pedo young
With that, the superchild models pics
afternoon was flying by, and they
had so much to do. Andrew's mom had gone back to work, and was going
to be swinging by their school on the way home to take hot chid model care of
paperwork with the office regarding Mike, and also picking up their
missed school work.
finished making nude kitty model
his bed, ptolemaic model constillations and lay on it looking at the moppets model toplist roof. Andrew's
roof was sucking him into deep thought when Andrew lay down next to
him. Mike barely noticed that Andrew had joined him as he re-lived
the previous afternoons events. It had all started in this very room
he remembered, laying just as they were right now. Mike's eyes filled
with tears as he looked at Andrew, eye to eye alone and surely safe
for the preeteen tgp model
first time. Andrew leaned forward, and abmodelspetite
kissed Mike lightly on
the lips, and scooted closer and wrapped his arm around Mike. He then
nuzzled his nose into Mike's, nonude model kids and they both closed there eyes and
continued to lightly kiss each other. Mike felt like he was finally
home, home with someone that really cared. If Andrew had tried, right
now Mike would give himself to him willingly. But the fact that
Andrew was just loving him the way he was bikini model pics now made Mike love him even
more. Things had gone so fast in the last few days for them both, and
Mike was glad that things were going as slow as they were... Yet, he
wanted more now. Andrew, on the other hand was thinking they had all
the time in the world now, and he could take his time. The exact
opposite of the day before. The kissing changed from soft lip brushes
to lip nibbling bites, and slight pelvic thrusts from both of them.
Mike could feel his hormones building, as could Andrew, but Andrew
had already decided he did not want anything 9yo teen models
other than a really
sensual make out session right now. There was all kinds of time for
that later, and it was also going to be more intense if he made Mike
and Andrew were now both humping away fully clothed, engulfed in each
others mouths kissing like the world was going to end any second when
Jessica walked in on them. She suddenly stopped, as did they, still
embracing each other as they looked toward the door. Her mouth was
open, but no words were coming out. Andrew just started laughing and
mom, you're gonna have to start knocking ok?” Giggling as he
said it
She fat bikini model
said back, and a huge grin coming across her face.
a good thing I didn't wait any longer huh?” She added sitting
on the foot of the bed, putting the piles of school work she had been
bringing up on the bed.
we were pteen model bik just kissing mom” Andrew said, adding powers model “Nothing
else was going sandra model lol to happen, I swear”
said nothing, not being able to believe how easily these two talked
about pretty much anything. project planning model
He himself was feeling really
uncomfortable with the whole just getting anaqua maturity model
caught thing, not being
used to it being.. OK to do that.
knew she had to get going, if she had not already nepalese model girl
ruined whatever she
had walked in on, 195 international model and just told them, “Kitchen, family 10
minutes... meeting.. and that means you too mister” pointing at
Mike and left.
Be Continued.....
so now they are home.. things are falling into place. Sorry this has
taken so long. Other things have been on my mind lately, and I have
been suffering lia nude model with writers block because of them. Thanks to Chad,
(My favorite American Irish Boy) for being an inspiration, Rad for
your wonderful emails every chapter, Spanky of course, Stephen...
Love you babe! incest models And the hundred of others (You know who you are) who
email me about this story. Joe.. if I can't tell you on-line. I'll do
it here. You didn't screw sandra model passboard up my life, like you think you did, I did
that all holland teen models
on my own. I am way past all that, and the poetry you read
was how I felt then, not now. I am not going to say anything else
except I hope one day you can find it in yourself to come back and be
a friend. My messenger is always open to you. Green Day... Time of
your life.. Remember.
always, comments are always welcome, flames will be ignored, all
others will be answered as soon as polish models pussy I can. Send all comments to
Hope you enjoyed the

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