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From: Wesley Crusher
Subject: 4th. Installment to 'Making the Grade'This story depicts sexual acts between 14 and 16 year old teenagers and men.
This story is entirely fictional.
The characters do not exist and the events described never bbs dark pics links
If such material offends you, cease reading this document.____________________________________________________________________
Making the Grade (Part 4) - by Wesley([this continuing story assumes that parts 1,2 and 3 have been read]____________________________________________________________________Chapter 4
Young blond haired Timmy nervously knocked on the Coach Peterson's study
door. ls girls bikini bbs He had been asked to report later in the day by Peterson.At 14 years of age, Timmy was a cute lad and there were clear indications
of the fine young man he would grow to be. Whilst his body was not overtly
built for muscle, it did bbs child models picks have a litheness with the promise of lean muscle
lying just under the surface. As an avid swimmer, his smooth body flew
through the water and his abs, arms and chest showed much promise.His russian sex bbs young heart was pounding with anticipation because like all the boys in
the class, he very much worshipped the Coach and was keen to make a good
impression and show him how serious he was to learn the techniques that the
Coach had been trying to show him earlier on.He wore only his brief bbs forum xxx gym shorts over his regulation jockstrap. He was
bare chested as the Coach always demanded of his lads and told them that it
was so important for the skin to breath. He also told them that it was
important to ensure that there was sufficient room for the legs to move
which was why the Coach also insisted on very short shorts..."Come in Timmy- I'm well and truly ready for you now", beamed the Coach."You know Timmy, I'm very pleased with your progress. You've listened to
what I've taught you and I can see you've worked hard to do as I say and
you're body is much improved".Young Timmy glowed and his eyes widened at this rare unstinting praise. He
wasn't used to praise such as this."Gee- thanks Coach, I'm so glad you think I've jap kogal bbs got teen bbs img board
better"."You sure have buddy and although bbs kds rape
I know you had a bit of difficulty pedo porno bbs
the rope climbing technique earlier on, I can see your body is responding
well to the lessons I've taught you".So saying, Peterson allowed himself to rake his eyes over Timmy's lean and
nicely shaped torso. bbs model sandra Whilst not quite a match for that 16 year old adonis,
Matt Sawyer, bbs child models pics it was certainly enough to be getting along with....Reaching out, Peterson moved his right hand slowly over the boys chest,
rubbing his thumbs across the kids full nipples."You know Timmy, you're body is really responding well to the weights",
said Peterson as he continued to incest fuck bbs top rub the boys chest and then down across
his young tight stomach."Wow- d'you think sex comics bbs so coach?". Timmy was in awe of Coach Peterson, as were
all the boys and his chest expanded with pride at the Coach's
encouragement."Sure thing buddy".Peterson continued to move his big palm slowly up and down the boys torso
whilst stroking the boys back with his left hand. Timmy sighed
imperceptibly as the man's palm repeatedly passed over the lads full
nipples. The Coach's left hand moved slowly up and down the lads back
slowly edging downward until it started to gently slide up and down over
Timmy's tight bum.Coach Peterson noticed the tell tale signs of the boys erecting nipples as
he continued to stroke and gently molest the boys full nubs.The lad shivered slightly and a quiet moan issued from his full boyish
lips."Spread your legs slightly son, that's the correct way to stand- you
mustn't be too tight down between your legs when climbing ropes.Timmy obeyed, keen to master the rope climbing technique that had eluded
him for weeks.Peterson slid his right hand across the boys firm abs and then down between
Timmy's legs then back up again taking care to make sure his fingers
explored and felt the healthy bulge between the kid's legs."Oh yes Timmy, you're definitely in good shape", muttered Peterson as his
strong probing fingers felt up the lie of the kids equipment.The lad felt a bit funny as a warm sensation of pleasure emanated from
between his legs and he started to spread his legs involuntarily."That's right Timmy, spread your legs a bit.... Yes, Timmy, that's good. Oh very good....", breathed the man as he repeatedly rubbed up
and down the front of the boys tight gym shorts.Timmy tried not to moan aloud as the Coach's large warm hand sent
increasingly delicious ripples of pleasure from his groin. The boy gulped
with dread as he kind girls bbs realised his cock was starting to get harder with the
pleasure he was feeling and he was scared that the Coach might think he was
weird or something. After all, it was only a lesson in rope climbing
techniques. Thankfully Coach didn't appear to notice as his hand continued
to slide back and forth over the increasingly obvious bulge."You see Timmy, you must remember that when climbing a rope, the rope will
constantly be rubbing you back and forth between your legs so you have to
get used to it. Now, wait here, I'll just get some rope and we can then
continue where we left off..."Peterson returned with a length of rope and passed it between the boys legs
and started moving the rope backwards and forwards....Ten minutes later, the sounds of a choking moaning lad spilled sun bbs list out from the
Coach's office into the deserted school corridor.Inside the office, the 14 year old boy was standing with his hands on his
head whilst the Coach was sliding the thick hemp rope high up between the
kids legs with meaning.The lad was flushed and sweating and choking with nervous gulps of air as
he tried to ignore the mounting sexual pleasure that was simmering to a
boil between his legs. His wide blue eyes were glazed and nervous as they
stared ahead trying desperately to concentrate on some unseen image to keep
his cock down and not upset the Coach. He greatly feared being punished
for doing something that the Coach might not like."Unnngh...please more......aaargh...unnnnggh..."The lad stood, his legs spread whilst the big man repeatedly worked the
thick rope back and forth between the boys legs.The boys chest was heaving and flushed, his nipples erect and full. His
blue eyes were glazed as they sliently begged young models bbs toplist the man to stop.The rope continued to pass backwards and forwards, rubbing and buffeting
the very obvious bulge at the front of the boys white tight shorts.Timmy was panting and moaning openly and perspiration was starting to bead
the boys forehead as he tried desperately not to lose control.Peterson knew the time was close."Now son, you take the ends of the rope yourself and keep working it
between your legs.""But pleass...s..sir...ungh...I think..unngh...I'm gonna have an accident
soon...aaargh...ungggh..""Do it son- do what I tell you, kinder bbs pedo work that rope now and faster. Do it"The authority in the Coach was not lost on the young lad."S...sorry Sir...ungh..yessir...aargh...", moaned the flushed lad as he
struggled to work the rope even faster between his legs.Coach Peterson sat down in his chair and enjoyed the spectacle of the
sweating young lad as he free passes bbs
pleasured himself against his will.The lad couldn't help throwing his head back and closing his eyes as waves
of delicious pleasure radiated out from between his legs as he abused
himself.Peterson reached down and fondled his crotch under his desk as he watched
the gasping, flushed and sweating lad masturbating himself on the thick
rubbing rope....The man moaned slightly as he noticed a wet patch start to soil the movie adult russian bbs front
of the kids bulging shorts."Faster boy, much faster".The kid was drenched in sweat as he struggled to comply""Timmy shuddered and lost control.The boys legs started to buckle and his hips started to thrust
spasmodically as his young fit body started to orgasm."Keep working the rope boy!""Unnnnnnnnghhhh....aaaarghhhh...uuuuurrrghhhh", gurgled the youngster.Desperately, the 14 year old fought to archives bbs models
keep his balance and continue to
work the thick rope between his legs as his convulsing sweating torso
thrashed around.Peterson smiled and licked his lips as the front of Timmy's shorts
blossomed with translucency.The moaning convulsing lad continued to work the rope back and forth.Seconds later, creamy cum started to stream down the kids staggering legs.Under the desk, Peterson was sun girls bbs working a huge throbbing piece of man meat
that was weeping with delight as he watched the jerking moaning lad
creaming himself.*************************************************Whilst the 14 year old boy entertained Coach Peterson in his office, Jack
Sawyer stood back and admired his teen kds bbs
handiwork. The big hook in the bathroom
ceiling was firmly embedded in the joist above and would easily carry the
weight of a man, never mind that of a young 16 year old lad....Jack stepped bbs preeteen kids back and imagined his 16 year old son hanging from the ceiling
as big men groped and molested his young muscular body. He imagined the
screaming and moaning from the boy as the men rip the school clothes from
the teens body; the sound of ripping fabric ugly in the close quarters of
the bathroom. He imagined the lust filled men pawing their large calloused
hands over the lads rippled abs as the kid twists and turns on the hook,
desperately trying to avoid the rubbing molesting hands. Jack started to
work his burgeoning bulge as he indulged himself in his unnatural perverted
desires. Then he imagined another man rubbing and free bbs
squeezing between the
boys legs, pummelling the kids growing length and then starting to unfasten
the fly buttons.....Although the man felt partly guilty of such thoughts, he pushed them away
convinced that as the boys father, he had the perfect right pedo sex forums bbs to think
whatever he wanted of his sons body portal bbs sex and indeed had the right to do whatever
he wanted to his lads sex fun bbs body. His son was of his flesh by God and that gave
him the right.And yet, the man was immensely proud of his son. He knew that there
weren't many 16 year olds that possessed the looks or levels of fitness
that Matt had. He photo bbs kids
knew he was right to push his son hard with weight
training and physical exertion. It helped of course, that the boy was
equally dedicated to his father and jpg bbs worshiped the ground his dad walked on.
The 3d incest art bbs lad followed every suggestion top young bbs and instruction his Father gave and Jack
knew Matt believed and trusted him implicitly and the big man was happy to
keep it that way... He greatly looked forward to seeing free illegal bbs movies Matt when he
returned home from whatever he was doing since this Sunday was the first
day wizard bbs of the new rule; that the boy could only wear his jockstrap and nothing
else whilst at home. Jacks large meat bbs board pics started to leak at the very thought.The boys natural inherited good looks from his mother coupled with the
gorgeously trained body made for the perfect Adonis package. The boys dark
flashing eyes and broad shoulders immediately attracted the eye as did his
well defined pecs, full nipples and clearly emerging 6 pack abs. The boys
full lips and bright smile which showed strong white teeth made for mpg bbs teen a young
male mouth just perfect for all sorts of things....As Coach Peterson had said to Jack earlier, the boy had great bulges in all
the right places and the one that was between his sons legs lay at the
heart of Jack Sawyers growing perverted lust.Whilst of course, he was filipinas modeles bbs unable to check his son out during the day (apart
from the well timed peek whilst watching his son work very young naked bbs out), he had found
that a sleeping tablet or two in the kids drink at night afforded him the
chance to check the kid up close up and personal when the teen was asleep.
As teen candid bbs
the boy habitually slept with only his jockstrap on, it made the whole
task much easier....Jack gave in and hauled out his big length of meat which, once erect,
touched on free bbs tgp 9 inches long and 3 inches thick. He went in search of the
glass of cum which he had earlier been filling. He would soon have more to
fill the glass....********************************The Watcher followed the slave boy as he ran through through the roughly
hewn tunnels underneath the grounds of the Pharaoh's Chief Advisor; his
fear giving wings to his heels. Behind him, in the dark earthy distance
came the sound of pursuing guards. The lad sobbed as he ran, gulping in
deep breaths of fetid air.Escape was the only thought in the young lad's mind as he fled through the
subterranean catacombs.Sweat trickled down his lean muscled, dirt streaked torso and into his full
loin pouch as he ran almost blindly through the passageways that were
feebly lit by the occasional flaming torch jammed into the earthen walls.The lad's blond hair, blue eyes and lusciously muscled body had first drawn
his Masters eyes toward him; so rare were the lads attributes. As owner of
the boy, the man had total rights over him and was perfectly entitled to do
whatever he wished to do to the lad. Which he often did; visiting such
perverted actions upon the boy as to cause his present frantic flight.The unseen observer was powerless to give warning as hands emerged out of
the darkness to ground the boys flight. -------------------------- In the cool of the central chamber far below the estate, the boy stood
between two burly guards. The unnoticed voyeur could see the light from the
many torches reflected from the bbs top kds portal boys perspiring, heaving chest and big
frightened eyes as they darted around the bbs nude photo room. Though the room was warm,
the world teens bbs virtually naked boy shivered with fear and dread. The men held the lad
fast; there would be no escape.The big guards glanced at each other, clearly curious as to why their
Master had ordered the boy brought to him. Their piqued interest may also
have been due to the fact that they, too, were not immune to the youngsters
appeal. Their large beefy manhoods stirred and swelled mightily as they
cast their eyes over nudist teen tgp bbs
the lean sweating torso of the lad. The Watcher
shared their bbs non nude movies feelings as he noted the guards eye up the boy's smooth
developed pecs and rippled abdomen and the heavy fullness of the lad's
tightly stretched loin young top bbs
pouch. However, they knew better than to touch
their Master's property.The slave boy's panicky eyes lighted on a curious looking contraption at
one end of the room. At first glance it resembled a chair of metal. As well
as the legs, there appeared to be a complex arrangement of cogs and levers
that occupied the space under the seat. Behind the chair and between the
back two legs near floor level was a large foot pedal. Any further detail
was impossible to discern from the lads viewpoint.One of the shadows at the edge of the room solidified and the Master
stepped forward. A small wiry pubescent bbs links figure swathed in japan free bbs
black robes. The youth
shuddered involuntarily as the figure drew closer. Small but dangerous
eyes glittered as they slowly looked the lad up and down, pausing as they
drank in the bulging loin pouch.A dry falsetto voice spoke."Trying to leave me so soon?"A dry bony hand raised and slowly stroked the left cheek of the boy who
swallowed nervously."Have I not fed you? Have I not sheltered you?"?As he spoke these words, the man let his hand stray down and rest palm down
on the boys sweating left pec, gently plucking at the lads full nipple.The youth shivered and trembled as the man continued to squeeze and pinch
the youngsters bud."Unnngh...please Sire....noooo..."The boy shook his head numbly, trying to move away as the man slowly slid
his hand down the lads sweating torso and across the erotic teen art bbs
flat rippled abdomen
but he was held fast by the guards. The hand glided further downward to the
front of the lads loin pouch."So full of youth and vitality", breathed the old man, tracing his bony
finger along the clear outline that the boy's intimate organ made against
the stretched thin loin pouch material.The Master gently grasped and manipulated the bulge making the boy moan
quietly as he tried, in vain, to stop his youthful body from responding.
The guards felt their mouths water and their manhoods swell as they watched
the man slowly molest the captive boy."I thought you had promise....thought that you would rise above the rest to
become my favorite. Alas, it was not to be. But come; bbs virgin fotos gratis enough of an old
mans yearnings. Let me show you another of my prized possessions."The guards pulled the boy along, following the cloaked figure. The Master
stopped at the strange contraption that had caught the boys eye earlier. As
the slave was pulled closer to the device, the lad could make out more
detail. What the lad took to be the seat of the chair wasn't a proper seat
as there was a gaping hole in the middle, through which he could see a
complicated mechanism. Parts of the mechanism seemed to stand out of the
hole proud of the seat level. The fat tip free pedo bbs pics
of a cucumber shaped length of
metal protruded about 3 inches out of the large hole. Its surface was
adorned with ridges and bumps. Additionally, metallic claws also were
visible just proud of the seat level. Projecting outwards at an angle from
the front of each side of the seat were leg support extensions which would
hold the legs of any sitter widely spread...At the front lip of the seat were 2 dials, each marked with values up to
10.The man made a movement with his hand and 2 other guards appeared from the
shadows. One took a position behind the seat, placing a foot on the
pedal. The other knelt before the seat, placing each hand on the dials."Let me show you how this marvellous machine operates". The world bbs man smiled with
eagerness at the nervous slave lad.At a gesture, the guard operating the pedal pumped it smoothly and
regularly. The mechanism operated and the boys eyes widened as he saw the
phallic column of metal lower below the seat only to rise to its previous
height above the seat. It repeated this action continuously in response to
the pedal motion. Additionally, the metal length rotated. In a vaguely
similar mode, the metal claws seemed to draw down below the seat and part
slightly before coming together to their original position just proud of
the seat level.The man's eyes shone as he watched the boys fearful face and panting chest."Now watch as the left dial is turned."The guard operating the dials twisted the left dial from 1 to 2. The
mechanism seemed to shift as though a gear japan xxx pic bbs
had been changed and the rising
column of metal rose 1 inch higher before falling. The metal claws
continued to travel and move as before."And now the right dial", breathed the man.At the twist of the right dial, the claws dropped down and moved apart
further than before before returning to their original position."The sensations this machine will show you..." whispered the man as he
moved closer to the lad and placed his hand on the boys loin pouch,
squeezing the lads bulge softly and almost sadly...The man gripped and yanked the covering pouch away, exposing the lad's
heavy cock and full, low hanging balls. The cloaked figure feasted his
glittering eyes upon the teenagers handsome equipment, lingering over the
thick uncut hanging cock with the tip of a fulsome cock pedo russian bbs
head peeking angel teen bbs thumbs out
shyly bbs sex underground from it's fleshy covering.The teen squirmed in vain as the old man gently fondled the lads bbs animal large
hanging balls."Such beautiful eggs....such a waste..."He gestured to his guards.The Watcher instinctively knew what was coming and dreaded it for the boy
and yet strangely thirsted to see the tableaux unfold.A fresh cold wave of sweat broke out on the youth as the horror of what was
about to be unleashed upon him dawned. With a strangled moan, the muscular
blond lad made a last ditch attempt to escape but alas, in vain. The guards
wanted to witness this impending spectacle...The big men wrestled the struggling youth into the chair. The lad let out lsm pics bbs a
moan as bbs young angles he was pressed into the seat; feeling the fat tip of the metal
length press firmly against his quivering anus. The lads arms and legs were
quickly strapped tightly into place.The invisible observer felt his own lustful juices stir as he gazed at the
good looking boy sitting helplessly, his legs obscenely splayed, as the free thailand girls bbs old
man knelt between them. The man opened each spring loaded claw and pushed
each of the lads balls into them."Aaaaarrrrgh", screamed the youth as the closing claws clamped down on each
ball.The figure momentarily looked lola cp hardcore bbs
up at the slave, a pained look on his face."Come come my boy, we haven't even started. I took you to have more in you
than this. Show me your stamina and strength. Show me that you can make the
grade" [Author's note: The phrase 'making the grade' pregnant sex bbs did not likely exist
in ancient Egypt but all conversation has been colloquialised and
modernised for ease of interpretation.]"Yes, you have lots in you my lad and I want it all...."At a gesture, the man nodded to the guard who started to pump the pedal.The slave boys eyes widened with horror as he felt the rotating metal piece
push up and down against his quivering anus though not penetrating....yet."Now, let's see what happens", murmured the man as he twisted the left dial
from 1 to 2."Uurgh", moaned the kid as the column pushed an inch up into the entry of
his anus. The boys wide pleading eyes begged his master to stop; a look
which merely excited the figure in black further who licked his lips in
anticipation of the feast to come. He twisted the dial to 3."Aaagh...ungh..nooo...!"Sweat popped out on the boys lean torso has he twisted his body in vain the
avoid the impaling metal. 3 inches of solid metal continuously impaled the
struggling teen.The guards started to rub between their own legs as the hot scene unfolded.The Watcher was salivating, his own needs now demanding to be met.The man in black who crouched between the boys splayed legs licked his lips
and became impatient; his eyes fixed upon the youths cock which lay
shrivelled with the pain and discomfort of his clutched balls and the
impaling metal dildo.He looked up at the moaning kid."Let me show you how much you can like this". He twisted the dial up by 3
levels."Aaaaaarghhhhhhh......!", screamed the youth as the metal dildo thrust up 6
inches into his convulsing bowels."Unnnnnggggh.....aaaarggghhh..." gurgled the lad as his insides tried to
accommodate the bbs adult lo invading metal pole.The metal piece continuously hit hard against the lads prostate causing a
warm urinating feeling of pleasure spread outward throughout the loins new board ls bbs of
the olita bbs youth turning his screams to grunts and moans of involuntary pleasure.The boys equipment started to move and swell."Mmmmmm....nnnggg...", gurgled the kid, his head laid against the chair
back, his eyes closed in pleasure as the impaling metal punished his
pleasure gland causing ecstasy to course through his quivering indian tgp bbs loins.The mans eyes lit with lustful greed as he watched the boys cock visibly
lengthen and fatten as it responded to the pummelling of the boys fuck nut.He clapped his hands with glee as the youths member continued to grow and
expand, the bulbous cock head started to be unpeeled as the erection
continued.The mans mouth watered as he savoured the feast to follow. He licked the
boys abs and chest, lifting off the coating of salty sweat. When he looked
down almost 7 inches of thick throbbing teen male meat met the masters
eyes.The man moaned his carnal delight as he stared at the bloated cockhead and
watched the clear honey ooze out of the boys piss slit to slide slowly over
the bulbous head and drip down the thick meaty sides of the boys stiff
tool.The kneeling man held the youths stiff fuck pole at sweet cindy forum bbs its base with both
hands and lapped at the boys turgid meat and licked around the bubbling
piss hole, smacking his lips as he tasted the fresh sweet liquor."Now I need more china sex picture bbs
essence", husked the man and turned the other dial.The lad's blissful smile faltered as the claws gripping each of his balls
started to move apart."", moaned the boy as the man further moved darkcollections bbs the
dial."Aaaarghhhhhh", screamed the kid as his balls were pulled further apart
causing knives of pain to bbs kids fuck forum shoot up from his testicles.The man nodded to himself as he observed that more creamy juice was now
being given up by the youngster's tortured balls.The bbs twink forum
guards, unable to contain them selves, reached down on either side of
the boys chest and twisted his banji bbs nipples viciously."Aaaaaiieeeeeeee", screamed the bound kid causing the man to look up and
nod his bbs sex pics
approval."Pleasure is nice, but pain gives up the substance", moaned the man as nympho bbs video
moved the dial yet free bbs galleries further.The blond boys continued screams of pain ricocheted around the dark cavern.The Watcher inched closer, desperate to see ls bbs portal
the detail of the bbs cp child fuck boys torture.The figure in black lowered his head little girl models bbs and started to feed on the rich creamy
harvest. His hand moved the first dial and 10 inches of rotating metal
were suddenly impaling the shrieking youngster increasing the crescendo of
his torture. The lads intestines were being distended beyond the intention
of nature whilst his prostate was being mashed mercilessly moving the boy
into another world of indescribable pain and horrifying pleasure which
forced his ruined balls to churn out thick ambrosia..The lads convulsing jerking torso news zep bbs twisted this way and that as the 10 inch
piece of metal ploughed repeatedly into the kids innards and his balls were
pulled apart beyond endurance. The constant bbs toplist links
crushing and mashing of the
young slaves fuck nut forced his tortured balls to give up their creamy
load and though gagagogo bbs the lad was in disemboweling agony, his tortured fuck nut
forced his thick throbbing teen meat to continually pumped out thick
porridgy cum into the greedy guestbook bbs gallery
sucking mans mouth.The Watcher moaned and panted his own perverted desire as he watched the
kneeling man feast upon the boys juices but even the ravenous sucking mouth
couldn't contain all the lads juices as some of it oozed to the little bbs sex
hard stone
floor to join the small puddle of ass juices extracted from the constantly
impaling rod bbs ranchi illegal sex
of metal.The screams of the tortured boy punctuated the passing of time.Finally, with a mad light in the masters eye, he twisted both dials as far
as they could go.The resulting shriek from the disemboweled boy lifted the Watcher up from
his hiding place and up right out through the caverns ceiling."Nooooooo", wailed the Watcher as he strained to look downward. He thought
he saw the figure finally finish feeding and gesture to the four guards who
fell upon the lad.....The Watcher woke up......Coach Peterson super bbs models jerked awake to the 'screaming' of the telephone as he shot
his wet dream into his sweats.The Physical Instructor moaned his pleasure and frustration as he lay for a
moment; his loins spasmodically pumping jets of hot liquid pleasure into
his shorts whilst trying to cling on the the delicious tendrils of his
rapidly evaporating dream.He picked up the phone.It was Jack Sawyer."Hi Tom- sorry, this evening is off. The Police have just rung- Matt has
been taken in."****************************Two hours ago, Matt made his way somewhat unsteadily down the path leading
from the white church. His rear passage ached terribly and he was
beat. However, although the handsome 16 year old was tired, he was elated
in his heart. The light in his dark eyes had returned and strands of his
dark hair bounced across his eyes as he walked back along the road to his
home town. His eyes shone with a renewed hope and gratitude to the priest
for removing the taint of his molestation by the English teacher and making
him normal again.The warm afternoon sun was hot on his back and he removed his t-shirt,
tucking it into the waistband of his tight fitting jeans. The slanting sun
rays beautifully highlighted the lads excellent physique; the firm
delineated pecs were crowned by large firm nipples and the emergent ripples
of his 6 pack were enhanced by the light sheen of sweat that coated his
torso in the warm afternoon sun. His mood was light and he flashed a
bright smile and waved happily to a passing patrol car as it slowly cruised
by him.Whilst he walked, he thought back on his ordeal with the priest. He
certainly didn't expect the strange treatment he got when he went to Father
Bryce to confess his sins though he knew in his heart that he would have
done anything top 100 model bbs
that meant he was normal in the eyes of God. His innocent
mind tried to figure it all out. He knew that the English Teacher had
tainted him because he felt bad about the way the old man had molested him
and felt up his young body adolescent bbs making him enjoy what was clearly an evil thing.
He recalled how Johnson kept massaging and squeezing his full jockstrap
pouch causing him to moan with pleasure although he knew it was clearly
wrong. He couldn't quite understand how it was illegal young bbs different when Father Bryce
kneaded and fondled his jockstrap pouch after unfastening his jeans but
obviously it was correct to let the priest do it because the priest was a
representative of God. As such, he had tried desperately not to moan and
squirm with pleasure as Father Bryce massaged and worked his swollen length
of teen meat behind the elastic mesh of his jock pouch. He was frightened
that if the priest knew he was enjoying it, he might think he was beyond
redemption and he so desperately wanted to be saved. Matt also realised
that the candle that Father Bryce used on him whilst murmuring the Lords
Prayer must have been a specially blessed candle which would remove all
traces taint which the English Teacher had left. That was obviously why
the priest had to work it up as far it would go. Although it had hurt
terribly, though in a strangely pleasurable way, he trusted the bbs sex pre priest that
it would enable him to receive Gods forgiveness.More crucially, he remembered the words of guidance that Father Bryce uncensored photos bbs had
given him, and that was that if any man touches him whilst trying to help
him xxx teen bbs
(and naturally, Bryce had used himself in the capacity of a priest)
then that was perfectly normal and nothing to be suspicious of. free teens bbs
After all,
normal good men aren't interested in him at all since he was a boy and not
a girl. Clearly the English teacher was a pervert and the Devil worked
through him since teaching English had nothing whatsoever to do with
sucking him off or working his finger up his arse.This had made perfect sense to Matt and he was grateful to Father Bryce for
making things clear for him.Perhaps Matt would have been confused if he had realised that the good
Father had watched him walk down the road whilst inhaling the aroma of the
boys jockstrap and licking the candle that had just been deep in the kid's
insides...****************************Officer Lomand was bored. At 58, he had just about seen everything. With
almost 36 years of service as one of the towns officers and deputy sheriff,
he toplist board bbs knew most of the rather dull residents. Every bbs dirty little
day he would have to
listen to dull stories from dull people underground nude bbs and go home to his dull wife and
that completed his rather dull life. It was because of this, Lomand would
often drive out to nearby towns to see what excitement he could find. What
constituted excitement, however, was not the same as his rather dull
acquaintances view of excitement. For what burned deep inside his fat and
heavy being was a sadistic sexual predator who was consumed with lust for
the sturdy juicy cocks and tight moist sweet anuses of young lads. Often
he would park up nearby bbs bbs vombat a football pitch and watch schoolboys play
football. His beady piggy eyes would search out the most comely and
athletic looking of lads and watch them closely and admire their young
sturdy muscled legs and their panting firm torsos as they called to each
other. Even better in the summer like now, when often the lads would strip
off their football shirts treating him to beautiful views of their fine
developed pecs and firm lean stomachs. But heaven of heavens if a lad
should be playing football without a jockstrap.... Lomand would quickly
identify him by carefully scrutinising their young crotches for any sign of
ponderous movements between their sturdy legs. He would lick his lips as
he imagined what would be in those football shorts; the fine sweat that
would cover the lads cock and balls and the moist trembling anus that would
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